"Never change a running system" nghĩa là gì?

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"Never change a running system" -> nghĩa là đừng thay đổi, đụng chạm đến cái gì đang hoạt động. 

Ví dụ
We pay a little more for hardware (phần cứng) - but cost of change to W10 would be 100x more, never change a running system.

“Never change a running system” 
Ensuring (bảo đảm) the safety of human beings is of paramount (tối cao) importance in a dangerous system such as electricity. With this in mind, the belief of not adapting a once successfully installed system has slowed down, or in some cases, blocked system migrations (di chuyển) necessary for security reasons.

For the curious, variations (biến thể) on that proverb include “Leave well enough alone” and “Never change a running system,”, both of which are shorthand for, according to ye olde Wiktionary.

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