"No Nut November" nghĩa là gì?

"No Nut November" = tháng 11 chay tịnh -> nghĩa là thử thách đùa trên mạng đòi hỏi nam thanh niên không thủ dâm hoặc không làm tình trong suốt tháng 11.

Ví dụ
Where No Nut November requires people to avoid ‘busting a nut’ (young-people-speak for ejaculating), Non-stop Nut November is about regular (thường ngày) nut-busting.

No Nut November is an annual challenge where men are encouraged (động viên) to spend thirty days without ejaculating. That’s right, the internet craze asks people to spend the whole month abstaining themselves from masturbation or s*x.

Only two days into the beginning of No Nut November, the majority of partakers (người tham gia) seemed to have given up on the test. Instead, people are deciding to participate in another funny internet challenge named Nonstop Nut November.

Have you had an orgasm (cực khoái) yet this month? It’s a personal question, but nearly a week into what is recognized, in some circles, as “No Nut November,” it’s worth asking.

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