Em không xinh nhưng có nghề

đó là nghề phù dâu, đang phát triển mạnh ở china,

ko có bạn còn độc thân, và bạn cũng ko thể di chuyển, dự đám cưới được,
Xie Yuke has attended (dự) over 40 weddings (lễ cưới) in the past two years and is now making a living (kiếm sống) from it.

The 22-year-old has flown more than 140,000 kilometers and traveled around China working as a professional bridesmaid (phù dâu chuyên nghiệp).

It’s a fast-growing industry (ngành tăng trưởng nhanh) in China and is “expected to grow by 25% to 30% a year,” 

COVID-19 travel restrictions have made it hard to find friends able to travel to weddings, while some couples complain they can’t find friends that are up to the standard.

A bridesmaid needs to be unmarried (chưa kết hôn), and it’s important (quan trọng là) not to be taller than the bride (không cao hơn cô dâu). For aspiring (khao khát, khát vọng) professionals, 155 cm-173 cm is a good height, she said.

The epidemic (dịch bệnh) is a double-edged sword (con dao hai lưỡi). On the one hand, some couples are delaying (hoãn) their weddings, and on the other, many brides’ friends cannot travel.

It’s currently the off-season due to the hot weather in many parts of the country, and she expects the peak season (mùa cao điểm) to occur during the National Day holiday in October.

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