Sẽ cho nổ tung hết

"bom" mà một người phụ nữ ném vào chồng cũ và hôn thê của anh ta hóa ra là... 'đồ chơi tình dục'... :)
A man told police that his ex-wife (vợ cũ) had been harassing (quấy rối) and stalking (lén theo) him and his new fiancee (vợ sắp cưới, hôn thê). He said she came to the tow yard in the morning to confront (đối chất) the couple and told them she’d “put them in jail,” the affidavit  (bản khai) says.

The man told police that his ex-wife called the business later that afternoon, yelled, threatened him and said, “I’m gonna blow y’all up,” before hanging up.

At around 6:30 p.m. that day, surveillance video captured the woman driving in front of the tow yard and throwing a bag out the driver’s side window.

The man and his fiancee feared for their safety and called police.

Police officers and hazardous (nguy hiểm) device units shut down the block where the towing business is located to investigate (điều tra) the package.

They found the package contained a sex toy, not an explosive (chất nổ),

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