"Telephone diplomacy" nghĩa là gì?

"Telephone diplomacy" = điện thoại ngoại giao -> nghĩa là cuộc điện thoại của tổng thống hay các nguyên thủ quốc gia trao đổi ngoại giao với các nguyên thủ quốc gia nước khác. 

Ví dụ
Then there is the political risk (mối nguy). COAS Gen Bajwa’s telephone diplomacy last week must have cut the US’s political risk perception (nhận thức) of Pakistan by at least half. In another political dispensation (chế độ), it would be seen through the 'same page' lens.

In May, Prime Minister Kaja Kallas called out European leaders for their largely unsuccessful attempts at telephone diplomacy with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Where things seem to have been left at the end of last week, I asked a question of President [Recep Tayyip] Erdogan in Madrid. He said that "this weekend or the beginning of next week, we'll continue our telephone diplomacy.  As soon as possible, we will render (trả lại) this corridor operational."

Intensive telephone diplomacy did the trick. Clinton called Sergei Lavrov (then as now the Russian Foreign Minister) from Tunis and persuaded (thuyết phục) him to abstain (nhịn) on the resolution, explaining that the United States was not seeking to put “boots on the ground.”

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