"True AF" nghĩa là gì?

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"True AF" = true as fuck có true là đúng, thật -> từ này nghĩa là quá đúng, rất chuẩn, 'chuẩn không phải chỉnh'.

Ví dụ
If you're from Coquitlam then you will definitely, without-a-doubt, know for certain, that these struggles (khó khăn) are true AF.

This is true AF. My Punjabi mom stores empty ‘expensive’ bottles to decorate (trang trí) the showcase and also uses transparent ones for storing cooking oil. Moms have been saving the planet for ages.

Think of your friend group. Now think of the person who is constantly (liên tục) making sure that you're drinking enough water and being the voice of reason when you want to drop a ton of money on an extravagant handbag. Can't think of her? It's probably you. If you're the mom of your friend group, you know that these things are true AF.

Ain’t nobody got time for that” is a catchphrase that resonates (tạo ra tiếng vang) so deeply because it’s true AF, and nowhere is it more applicable than literally waiting for your hair to dry.

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