"Walk heavy" nghĩa là gì?

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"Walk heavy" = bước chân nặng nề -> nghĩa là hành động, cư xử theo kiểu tự cao, tự đại.

Ví dụ
I have had over 14 professional fights (98% being at 115lbs) and have always made weight fairly easy. I don’t walk heavy, I diet year round and live a very disciplined (có kỷ luật) lifestyle.

Her raps drop like hot coal (viên than) on water as they sizzle with just as much passion as the artist herself. Her songs laced with her low, enrapturing (đầy mê mẩn) voice and her walk heavy with ambition, Hwasa is your resident cheerful bubble trapped in the soul of an all-rounder.

I wouldn’t consider rostering (phân công) Choi on your squad unless there is a week where he has an excellent upcoming schedule (facing plenty of righties), you are in a deep league, or you play in a walk-heavy category format.

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