"What on earth is happening?" nghĩa là gì?

"What on earth" -> câu cảm thán bày tỏ sự ngạc nhiên, bất ngờ, tức giận; 'cái quái gì đây?'.

Ví dụ
No one knows what on earth is going on. Or at the very least, market participants are demonstrating (chứng minh) extraordinarily high levels of intelligence by holding two opposed (đối lập) ideas in their mind at the same time. Let’s say it is the latter.

"What on earth are Boston trying to do?" "Minutes after Vazquez was traded, I don’t know what to think" - Boston Red Sox fans in disbelief (hoài nghi) after team acquires Tommy Pham and trades Christian Vasquez

Matter of fact, I don’t understand the cereal/milk combination at all any more. One morning, I watched in horror as a bowl of Lucky Charms was poured, milk added, and the child immediately began scooping up cereal and milk, walking towards their “spot” in front of the TV. I asked what on earth they were doing, and the reply was “well, eating this before it gets soggy (ẩm ướt).”

With more strikes looming I will certainly be avoiding (né tránh) train travel for as long as possible, but I feel very sorry for commuters (người đi đường) who use the network to get to work or school, and also for the guards who work under very stressful conditions. What on earth has happened to our train service?

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