"Crab mentality" nghĩa là gì?

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"Crab mentality" = tư duy con cua -> nghĩa là tâm lý tiêu cực, ích kỉ, không muốn người khác làm tốt, vượt trội hơn bản thân. Câu này có liên hệ tới đàn cua trong chậu, khi một con cố thoát ra thì các con cua còn lại sẽ kéo chân con cua đó, không cho trốn thoát.

Ví dụ
Speaking to Simi Garewal, Aishwarya was asked about what ‘bugs her’ in the industry. She had answered, “I don’t know if it holds true only for this industry (ngành công nghiệp), but it could be more of a general statement…when I say, the crab mentality.

Not everyone agrees with Vargas’ contention (đấu tranh), with big man Greg Slaughter, signed to a Division II squad in Japan, calling out the league’s efforts to barricade (ngăn chặn) player migration (di cư). “Total BS and crab mentality at its highest,” said Greg Slaughter in a tweet in one of the online stories that came out related to the PBA-B.League meeting.

You might have heard of the “Crab Mentality”, which says that if a lot of crabs are put in a box, none of them would be able to come out as each one would pull their peers down if they try to climb their way out of the box. However, two crabs have proven (chứng tỏ) this metaphor inaccurate (không chính xác) by showcasing a feeling of care and protection for each other. A video showing a crab hugging its peer to protect it from a man has gone viral on Twitter.

We ended the festivities (hân hoan) by taking a group pledge (bảo đảm) to abandon our crab mentality and collectively do everything we can to ensure that Adani- ji once again makes India proud by achieving the ultimate achievement (thành tựu) — becoming the No.1 richest person in the world.

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