"Nose blindness" nghĩa là gì?

"Nose blindness" = điếc mũi -> nghĩa là không thể ngửi thấy mùi gì, thường là do tiếp xúc với mùi hương đó quá nhiều; mất khứu giác.

Ví dụ
Nose blindness is a temporary (tạm thời), naturally occurring adaptation of your body that leads to an inability (mất khả năng) to detect or distinguish common scents (mùi hương) in your surroundings. It’s sometimes also referred to as olfactory fatigue or olfactory adaptation.

For best results, do this the instant you come in from outside with a fresh nose, before so-called nose blindness, aka olfactory fatigue, sets in, so you’re more attuned to what the house smells like and can identify exactly where those smells are coming from.

If a pet is overexposed (tiếp xúc quá nhiều) to the smell of bleach (chất tẩy), it is toxic leading to nose blindness - loss of smell in dogs. Bleach is found in detergents, floor cleaners, toilet bowl cleaners, and dish detergents.

New York magazine reached out to Pamela Dalton, a cognitive (kinh nghiệm) psychologist at Monell Chemical Senses Center, who has spent over 20 years researching scent memory and what they refer to as “nose blindness.”

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