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viện dưỡng lão Taoyuan Veterans Home thuê vũ nữ để tổ chức ăn mừng tết trung thu cho các cụ... :D

The Taoyuan Veterans Home in Taiwan had enlisted the services of an adult entertainer to put on a show for the seniors - many of which were in wheelchairs.

The nursing home has explained their choice to hire a stripper for the residents was to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival.

The video begins with the adult entertainer laying down on the floor in front of a senior before straddling (dạng háng) the air.

She then stands up and commences a lap dance on the resident - who was parked in his wheelchair.

A chorus of clapping and encouragement from staff members can be heard over the music playing in the background.

The dancer begins to bounce up and down in front of the old man just before he squeezes her breasts (bóp ngực) - resulting in an eruption of laughter (tràng cười lớn) and cheers from the small crowd.

Whilst laughing, the exotic performer then ended the lap dance and kissed the pensioner on the top of his head.

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