"Slap dab" nghĩa là gì?

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"Slap dab" -> nghĩa là hết sức, rất bạo lực, dứt khoát; trực tiếp, chính xác.

Ví dụ
The farmhouse was officially located at 1395 Main St. and was slap dab in the middle of the new 419-unit Moffat Creek subdivision located just east of Wesley Boulevard.

I shall give you guys more money. I shall get this money by going hell for leather for fracking. Yes I do know that Tunbridge sits slap dab in the middle of the richest fracking fields in Europe. Yes I do know you get your drinking water from boreholes (lỗ khoang) and they will be drilling for contaminants (chất ô nhiễm) under your house. No problemo!

You step back and run slap dab into another non masker.   You have stocked on groceries but you can’t help but run out of staple items. God help me. I want to jack slap every single one of them and call them out but I don’t. I know there is a bullet (viên đạn) somewhere with my name on it with these people.

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