"Have all the answers" nghĩa là gì?

"Have all the answers" = có tất cả câu trả lời -> nghĩa là có thông tin về mọi chủ đề, hay lời khuyên đáng tin vậy về cuộc sống.

Ví dụ
This is a tough grade to figure out because the defensive (phòng vệ) coaches seemed to have all the answers while the offensive coaches looked like they had none. The final punt (bóng bổng) needed to go out of bounds, but that may have just been execution and not coaching.

We may not have all the answers about this Iowa State team by this time next week, but we’re going to be a lot closer to understanding what the year ahead might look like. 

The assembled did not have all the answers, but it was clear that the company was on high alert and would dedicate (cống hiến) resources to dealing with destructive online behavior.

The Louisiana Tech Bulldogs typically have all the answers at home, but last week UTSA proved too difficult a challenge. The Roadrunners put a hurting on the Bulldogs at home to the tune of 51-7. 

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