"Mama needs a new pair of shoes" nghĩa là gì?

"Mama needs a new pair of shoes" = mẹ cần đôi giày mới -> câu nói của phái nữ để cầu may trong trò chơi may rủi, thường là trước khi tung xúc xắc.

Ví dụ
The family member who always blows on their dice or says “mama needs a new pair of shoes” before rolling.

He’ll also give you some encouraging (động viên) commentary in combat or when you pick up items like “cha-ching”, or “mama needs a new pair of shoes.” In any other game these would fall flat, but Double Fine always manages to create a playful atmosphere (không khí).

I was a high roller once. You could find me on the track right outside the court wiling away the hours until tip-off. I still feel the ghost of (nét thoáng qua) that track. "Mama needs a new pair of shoes." "Craps!" I did, occasionally, play the Ashy Larry of my AFH craps corner. I had a nag and everything. But, ooohhh when I was hot, I was on fire! They called me Easy for my propensity (xu hướng) to throw the six and eight. I once threw seven straight easy-eights and walked with the house after being down to a dime. I was kind of a big deal. Surprised you didn't know that.

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