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8 anh em họ đã bị tù vì ẩu đả trong đám cưới, liên quan gần 50 khách...

They were given jail (tù) terms after a wedding turned into a bloodbath (cuộc tắm máu) between up to 50 guests (khách).

They threw chairs, tables, and glasses at one another and used coat stands (mắc áo) and fire extinguishers (bình cứu hỏa) as weapons (vũ khí) during the fight at the Daresbury Park Hotel, Warrington.

Things were so out of hand that when police turned up they had to retreat until back-up arrived, leaving them scrapping for a total of around 45 minutes.

In total the Stokes boys caused £16,000 of damage to the hotel where 150 people were meant to be celebrating (ăn mừng).

A barman saw three men arguing at around 11pm but by the time he returned 15 minutes from the main bar around 40 men were fighting.

Security footage showed them throwing items across the room and overturning a sweet cart.

When the local police officers arrived, they quickly realised they were unable to deal with the mayhem so called for an armed response unit to help out. In the end 30 police cars arrived at the scene and carried out mass arrests.

Judge Simon Berkson said: ‘The events of that day were truly shocking to anyone who saw them. For those present and innocent (vô tội), one can only imagine the fear.

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