Làm sao hóa giải bùa chú

em gái 30 tuổi kiện người yêu cũ... phù phép quần lót để không hấp dẫn với đàn ông khác... :D

Serwaa and John Odoom,52 separated after 12 years sexual relationship on suspicion (nghi ngờ) of cheating (ngoại tình) on the part of the lady.

She says Odoom used her panties (quần lót) for ‘juju’ which is why she is unable to have affairs (có chuyện yêu đương) with other men ever since she left the relationship.

Odoom confessed on Nhyira FM’s mock court show, ‘Obra’ that he indeed charmed Serwaa.

According to him, he took Victoria’s panties for juju to prevent her from seeing any man except him as punishment for cheating on him on countless times.

Victoria however did not deny the allegations of flirting around but said the nature of her work tempted her do so.

The radio station called in a fetish priest (linh mục) to reverse the curses (hóa giải bùa chú).

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