"Bench trial" nghĩa là gì?

"Bench trial" = phiên tòa băng ghế dự bị -> từ này nghĩa là phiên tòa trong đó thẩm phán đưa ra quyết định cuối cùng, trái với phiên tòa của bồi thẩm đoàn. 

Ví dụ
Her accused killer, 16-year-old Anthony Hutchens, opted not to testify (chứng thực) in his bench trial, in which the State of Indiana and Hutchens’ defense lawyer have now rested.

A judge is expected to decide whether Anthony Hutchens is guilty (có tội) of murdering 6-year-old Grace Ross on Thursday afternoon. It comes after a 2-day bench trial for Hutchens wrapped up earlier this week.

The judge in the bench trial of Michael Soares is expected to release his decision in the case. Soares is charged with first-degree murder.

It’s a decision that has already won Lachazo a significant (quan trọng) victory — by agreeing to what’s called a “bench trial,” prosecutors (bên nguyên) are waiving their quest for the death penalty in the emotionally charged case. That, according to Palm Beach State Attorney’s Office spokesman Marc Freeman, was not a decision that was made lightly.

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