"Denim archaeologist" nghĩa là gì?

"Denim archaeologist" = nhà khảo cổ học đồ da -> nghĩa là người học hỏi và nghiên cứu những sản phẩm quần áo da cũ. 

Ví dụ
The seller at the auction (buổi đấu giá) was Brit Eaton, another vintage (đồ cổ) expert who has been dealing in prized jeans since the 1990s. He said he purchased the jeans from self-described 'denim archaeologist' Harris five years ago for $23,000.

The historic Levi’s were discovered in an abandoned (bỏ hoang) mine by “denim archaeologist” Michael Harris, according to The Wall Street Journal. The jeans are short and squat, with a 30-inch inseam and a 36-inch waist, and in remarkable condition given their age.

A pair of 19th-century jeans discovered by a “denim archaeologist” in an abandoned mine shaft in the US have sold at auction in New Mexico for $87,000. The Levi’s jeans are covered with traces of the wax used in candles by miners to light tunnels, said The Wall Street Journal.

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