"Get it in writing" nghĩa là gì?

"Get it in writing" có in writing là dưới dạng văn bản -> cụm từ này nghĩa là phải có bằng chứng cho cam kết, thỏa thuận nhất định, không thể cam kết qua lời nói được; giấy trắng mực đen.

Ví dụ
Not many communities have, he replied but it appears they are more receptive (dễ tiếp thu) to listening since the change in leadership. IH is as well, he hoped. “Get the stakeholders (cổ đông) together but if the province does offer anything get it in writing,” he added.

And people are also sharing advice for the original poster. One user wrote, "Get it in writing what part of the employee handbook (sách chỉ nam) you violated. If you're expected to be on call when on PTO, that needs to be spelt out."

You can ask your landlord (chủ đất) directly for compensation (đền bù), such as a rent reduction or refund, if they fail to carry out repairs within a reasonable time. If they agree to this, you should get it in writing. If they won’t give you compensation, you can take legal action. 

If that creditor says you have a zero balance, ask them to contact the collection agency to let them know. Get it in writing for your records, too, and send a copy to the debt collector by certified mail.

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