"Wet signature" nghĩa là gì?

"Wet signature" = chữ kí ướt -> nghĩa là ký tên trực tiếp trên giấy, chứ không dùng chữ ký điện tử để xác nhận hợp đồng, thỏa thuận.

Ví dụ
The original signed form or document (tài liệu) bearing the wet signature should be retained, as USCIS may request the original document at any time

Shahry is an AI-powered mobile credit card. Launched in 2019, they have grown exponentially (theo hàm mũ), accelerating access to credit for unbanked Egyptians. Positioned as a buy-now-pay-later app for goods, Shahry offers Egypt’s only fully digital lending solution where applying for credit happens without a `wet signature.`

In addition, KRAs have stopped accepting scanned copy of KYC documents. Further, the KYC application (đơn xin) form has to duly signed with the wet signature of the applicant.

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