Anh nào cũng mùi tiền hết

con gái có thể ngửi mùi là biết anh nào đang độc thân...
Single men are stinkier (khắm hơn) than guys in relationships, according to the results of a sniff test. However, while pungent body odor (BO) and singleness might seem like they go hand-in-hand, the study authors say that a strong whiff may actually help unattached men signal their availability to women.

Previous research has shown that single males tend to have higher testosterone levels than partnered men due to the sexual competition associated with bachelordom. Bond maintenance may be facilitated by low testosterone, which could be why levels of the sex hormone tend to decline in males who are in committed relationships.

It has also been suggested that testosterone may contribute to BO, all of which indicates that single males may have a stronger aroma (mùi thơm, hương vị) than those who are spoken for.

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