"Million-dollar smile" nghĩa là gì?

"Million-dollar smile" = nụ cười triệu đô -> nghĩa là nụ cười tươi sáng, rạng rỡ. 

Ví dụ
When Deepika Padukone as Shantipriya stepped out of the vintage (cổ kính) yellow car in Om Shanti Om, clad (mặc quần áo) in a beautiful sheer pink sequined dress, little did we know that her million-dollar smile, feminine (nữ tính) moves, and the iconic wave would make us all fall in love with her and her beauty the moment we saw the diva for the first time on the big screens.

As always, the dimple (má lúm đồng tiền) queen flashed her million-dollar smile as she posed for the paparazzi. Several glimpses went viral in no time, and one of the users wrote, "Naina Talwar back again"

Klara flashed a million-dollar smile as she tried her new wig (tóc giả). It is the sweetest video on the internet and perhaps, your much-needed dose of positivity. The video shared on Goodnews Movement’s Twitter handle has over 3 lakh views.

He is our romantic version of what a big-league veteran should be. A guy without a guaranteed contract but wearing a million-dollar smile. A guy who is genuinely grateful for the opportunity (cơ hội) to prove himself all over again with every new calendar and every new organization.

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