"Digital debt" nghĩa là gì?

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"Digital debt" = nợ số hóa -> nghĩa là việc có quá nhiều thông tin, dữ liệu cần xử lý, khiến không thể tập trung, kết quả công việc không tốt.

Ví dụ
It’s putting workers in “digital debt” — where the constant (liên tục) need to coordinate (phối hợp) and communicate at work is taking time away (mất nhiều thời gian) from deep thinking (suy nghĩ sâu sắc có chủ đích), creating and actually working, according to a new report from Microsoft.

That’s why the phrase in Microsoft’s latest Work Trends Index, "digital debt" feels spot-on (chính xác). Managing email, Slack messages, LinkedIn queries and text messages—not to mention all the messages in any other software program you use at work—can feel like climbing out of a hole (thoát khỏi một tình huống nguy hiểm), always held back by the communications (nén lại cuộc trò chuyện) you need to send rather than moving forward on the work you need to do.

Some businesses were happy with being offline… until they were not. Recent events have pushed (đẩy) the issue of digital debt into the cold light of day (một cách bình thản).

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