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Wednesday, October 24, 2018

"Put words in my mouth" nghĩa là gì?

ẩn sau là dã tâm lớn của... Photo courtesy manhhai.

'Put words in someone's mouth' = to say that someone means one thing when the person really meant something else -> nghĩa là 'nhét chữ vào mồm người khác'.

Ví dụ
“I was talking about allegations (lời cáo buộc) in this political environment,” said McDaniel to media at the Pearl Town Hall meeting. “You can’t put words in my mouth.”

I’m absolutely silent for over two weeks, and they put words in my mouth that I’m part of a whisper campaign against Khashoggi. It reminds me of what took place in March 2017, when I took the actual news reporting by news outlets.

Mr Richard Grenell - the current US ambassador (đại sứ) to Germany may be a controversial choice (lựa chọn gây tranh cãi). He has caused waves in Germany by offending his hosts within hours of being sworn in, when he tweeted that German companies should immediately cease doing business with Iran. He then sparked anger by giving an interview to Breitbart, in which he said he was hoping to support nationalist (chủ nghĩa dân tộc) movements, like the "America First" of Mr Trump, throughout Europe - comments seized upon as showing support for far-Right groups in Germany. “Don’t put words in my mouth,” he tweeted in response. “The idea that I’d endorse candidates/parties is ridiculous. I stand by my comments that we are experiencing an awakening from the silent majority — those who reject the elites & their bubble. Led by Trump.”

Phạm Hạnh

"Party pooper" nghĩa là gì?

sẽ không còn được ném pháo hoa khi đi cổ vũ bóng đá nữa...* Photo courtesy Steve Walker.

'Party pooper' = a person who throws gloom over social enjoyment -> nghĩa là người làm cho tập thể cụt hứng (vì bản thân ủ rũ, buồn rầu) (killjoy, spoilsport, wet blanket, sourpuss, damper (on the fun)).

Ví dụ
Party-pooper Medvedev stuns Nishikori to win Japan Open.

It only takes one party pooper to completely ruin Halloween.

I hate to be a party pooper, but I've got to catch the last train.

“No ground or space based observations of Mars or its atmosphere have produced any credible evidence for active volcanism occurring in the present day or recent history,” party-pooper and planetary scientist Elliot Sefton-Nash, who works on several ESA projects including Mars Sample Return, ExoMars and Mars Express, told

The sale of fireworks to individuals should be banned, one of the UK’s most senior police officers has said. Ian Hopkins, Chief Constable of Greater Manchester Police, yesterday called for a change in the law so pyrotechnics (buổi biểu diễn pháo hoa; thuật làm pháo hoa; sự sắc sảo, sự tỏ ra trội (trong cách ăn nói, của trí tuệ...)) are no longer used by young people to “terrorise” communities. While Mr Hopkins stressed he did not want to come across as a “party pooper”, he said the law needed to become stricter (gắt gao, chặt chẽ hơn).

Phạm Hạnh

* Bradford City v Swansea City, Wembley - Feb 2013. Fireworks go off as the teams step out onto the pitch.

Đừng ngạc nhiên

trung quốc, với sự trợ giúp của canada, đã lắp đặt hệ thống theo dõi dưới nước ngoài khơi ngay cạnh căn cứ quân sự tàu ngầm hạt nhân của mỹ

...The instruments, which use hi-tech sensors to monitor the underwater environment, are connected to the Ocean Network Canada (ONC), a grid of marine observatories (đài quan sát, đài thiên văn; tháp canh, chòi canh) stretching (mạch đường) from the northeast Pacific to the Arctic... Now fully operational, they can be used to provide real-time streaming of data to the Chinese institute’s control centres in Sanya, a city on the island province of Hainan, and elsewhere.

...While there is no evidence to suggest China's military is involved with the project – there is also no suggestion the devices can be used to track submarines (tàu ngầm) or other vessels – maritime environmental data (dữ liệu môi trường biển) is equally valuable (có giá trị) to both civilian and non-civilian (phi dân sự) researchers.
Photo credit: scmp.

The ONC is primarily a scientific research facility, but it does also have a defence contract (hợp đồng quốc phòng) to help the Canadian military monitor Arctic waters with the help of a surveillance system (hệ thống do thám) powered by artificial intelligence technology (công nghệ trí thông minh nhân tạo), state broadcaster CBC News reported last year.

Ai “đạp phanh” cho những cỗ xe tiêu pha kiểu xây tượng đài?

TQ như lên đồng với xây tượng Phật 'lớn nhất thế giới'

...Travelers looking for the world's largest Buddha statue, however, must make the trip to the neighboring province of Henan. Opened in 2008, the Spring Temple Buddha is located in Lushan County — one of the poorest  (nghèo nhất) counties (hạt, đất (phong của) bá tước) in all of China, in which residents' average annual discretionary (tự ý quyết định tùy theo tình hình thực tế; linh hoạt, tùy nghi sử dụng) income is just 12,800 yuan. In stark contrast (tương phản rõ rệt) to the poverty of the surrounding countryside, the Spring Temple Buddha, which took 11 years to complete, stands more than 208 meters tall, is plated with 108 kilograms of gold, and cost an eye-popping 1.2 billion yuan to build.

...Those familiar with the Communist Party’s official stance on atheism  (thuyết vô thần) may find it perplexing (phức tạp, rắc rối, khó hiểu) that local governments across China would approve the construction of enormous religious idols. Yet while these statues may be aimed at the country’s religious believers, their real purpose is far more worldly: making money (kiếm tiền).

Put simply: If an area without any notable (có tiếng, trứ danh) natural scenery (cảnh đẹp tự nhiên) or historical landmarks (nét đặc trưng hay đặc điểm để nhận biết một nơi nào) wants to attract tourists (thu hút khách du lịch), it needs a gimmick (mẹo/mánh lới quảng cáo, trò bịp) — and giant Buddhas fit the bill nicely. They are also well-suited to China’s entrance fee-centric tourism industry: By the time visitors are in the gate and realize that, actually, one giant statue of the Buddha is much like the next, park authorities have already made all the money they expect to make.

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