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Saturday, December 15, 2018

"Bat an eye" nghĩa là gì?

great-horned owlet: he was awake, but would doze off from time to time, not at all threatened by me. i was amazed that he let me slip closer and closer to him without batting an eye. Photo courtesy devra.

'Bat an eye' có từ bat là nháy mắt, chớp mắt -> cụm từ này thường được dùng ở thể phủ định để nói là 'không chớp mắt', không nháy mắt, = không thể hiện cảm xúc (sự kinh ngạc, sửng sốt, khiếp đảm; tức giận, buồn bã...); 'không ghê tay'...

Ví dụ
Most of the time businesses don't bat an eye, but on that day, Read got into a heated argument with Tim Hortons' employees over Joey.

When asked about that future – and a potential world title in Japan in March – the two didn’t bat an eye. “It’s too expensive not to go for gold,” Donohue offered, followed by Hubbell: “We were silver last year so why wouldn’t we reach a little higher and go for gold?”

So our hypothetical (có tính cách giả thuyết) utopian (người đề ra/ủng hộ chính sách thiếu thực tế; không tưởng) folks wouldn’t bat an eye at two men sharing a kiss, but would likely get pretty pissed if someone came around advocating the use of tear gas against people in need, or death for sick people who don’t have the money to pay for treatment, or killing machines for everybody—all of which are mainstream (dòng chính, chủ lưu) conservative (bảo thủ) points of view (quan điểm, lập trường).

It was flamboyant (hoa mỹ, khoa trương, cường điệu) and deliciously gaudy (lòe loẹt, hoa hòe hoa sói; cầu kỳ, hoa mỹ), with Bollywood glitterati arriving decked in bejeweled saris; at one event, the famously fashionable groom sported a sparkling cat on one shoulder of his kurta, or long tunic (áo dài thắt ngang lưng). The western media barely bat an eye. Two Bollywood stars getting married, after all, wasn’t a big deal, no matter the fact that they had the pocketbooks and loyalty of about a billion people.

Phạm Hạnh

Quà tặng mùa đông

bệnh viện ở pháp buộc phải hủy nghiên cứu phân vì nhiều người 'hiến tặng' quá :D
Paris hospital halts stool study after donor deluge (dòng lũ lớn, trận lụt lớn; tràn ngập, tới tấp, dồn dập)

A Paris hospital which made a public appeal (kêu gọi công chúng) for stool samples (mẫu phân/cứt) for a study (nghiên cứu) on intestinal diseases (bệnh đường ruột) said Friday it had suspended the project after being inundated (ngập lụt, ngập tràn) by donors hoping for an easy 50 euros.

"Someone took a picture and it spread rapidly on the internet and social media, because the message had been altered: People thought it meant: Give us your stools, we'll give you 50 euros," Sokol said.

In fact the rigorous (nghiêm khắc, nghiêm ngặt, khắt khe) selection (lựa chọn, tuyển chọn) progress (quy trình) for the study, on a potential treatment for intestinal inflammation (sưng, viêm), involved a series of blood and stool tests as well as an extensive interview (phỏng vấn sâu) on a donor's medical history (lịch sử bệnh tật, hồ sơ bệnh án). Doctors worldwide are studying fecal (thuộc về phân) transplants (cấy, ghép), which aim to treat a range of chronic (mạn tính) gut (ruột) diseases by introducing stool bacteria from a healthy person into affected patients to help replenish (lại làm đầy, cung cấp, bổ sung) a normal bacterial balance...

Sao em nỡ đành quên

bà mẹ đơn thân 22 tuổi 2 con bán đôi giày qua mạng cho một người đàn ông tặng vợ làm quà kỷ niệm ngày cưới,

rồi mới sực nhớ ra là quên 'dương vật giả' ở trong giày :D

...She wrapped up the boots in a shoe box to send to an unsuspecting man about to give them to his wife as a wedding anniversary present.

Kelly, 22, was then "mortified" when she received a message from the couple about a naughty object she had hidden in one of the boots - a six-inch vibrator.

It wasn't until she received a message from the customer's wife asking 'have you lost something?' along with a picture of her trusty vibrator next to the boots, that she realised her mistake.

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