'Động vật hoang dã không sinh ra để làm thú vui'

runner marathon bóp cổ sư tử tới chết khi bị tấn công trên đường chạy tập...

The runner, whose name hasn't been released, fought off the cougar (báo sư tử), hiked out of the area after Monday's attack and drove himself to a hospital. He suffered facial cuts, wrist injuries and puncture wounds to his arms, legs and back.

...“We always say: if you encounter a mountain lion, be very big, make noise, stare at it, back away and don’t run,” she says. “And if you are attacked: fight back.”

Understanding basic facts about mountain lion biology and behavior can help. Mountain lions tend to spend the day in cover (chỗ núp, chỗ trốn, chỗ trú) and hunt when deer (hươu) are most active at dawn (bình minh, rạng đông, lúc sáng tinh mơ) and dusk (hoàng hôn, lúc chạng vạng, nhá nhem), in conditions of low light. Those can also overlap with times that people want to get out and walk to avoid the heat of the day.

Cullens adds that mountain lions don’t see the same things humans do. Their eyes are adapted for low-light periods, and they rely on the shape and movement of natural prey. “We encourage people to look as human as possible on the trail,” she says. That can also mean wearing brightly contrasting clothing, like black and white or red and white – since mountain lions don’t see color very well, the contrast helps people stand out.

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