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Monday, October 19, 2020

"Could eat the arse out of a low-flying duck" nghĩa là gì?

"Could eat the arse out of a low-flying duck"  = có thể ăn cả cái mông của con vịt đang bay thấp -> nghĩa là rất đói.

Ví dụ
Gotta go to the gym but I'm that hungry I could eat the ass out of a low flying duck!!!

Oh, so that's what he's been doing: Chicago calls Jason Donovan home. Even before former teen idol (thần tượng) Jason Donovan announces he’s so hungry he could “eat the arse out of a low-flying duck”, his accent is unmistakable.

Alison Ferry (former Pom) hasn’t really taken a shine to “sheila” and much prefers the more refined “girl”. Alison was shocked when a Kimberley ringer told her he was so hungry (đói) that he “could eat the arse out of a low-flying duck”.

How much alcohol does the Aussie crew consume (tiêu thụ) here? Much less than we consume in Australia! What Aussie phrase do you use the most and what does it mean? This is terribly uncouth (thô lỗ) but: “I’m so hungry, I could eat the ass out of a low-flying duck.”

Ngọc Lân

"Pinch and scrape" nghĩa là gì?

"Pinch and scrape" có pinch là nhúm, lượng nhỏ, scrape là nạo vét -> cụm từ này nghĩa là tiêu càng ít càng tốt, nhất là khi tiết kiệm cho điều gì lớn lao hơn.

Ví dụ
I need to pinch and save now. Guess it's time to go on a diet (ăn kiêng).

Nor do they miss games, even when money is tight as their homeland experiences its worst ever economic slump (đình trệ), and one of the most serious in Latin America. The fans pinch and scrape to buy game tickets and to pay for trips that allow them to be close to their idols. 

While DocPrime is at a preliminary (chuẩn bị) stage of its development, Bansal is gung-ho about its promise. “This is an underserved market, with a huge potential, and it is growing fast… there are only two things on which people don’t pinch and scrape—their children and health care,” he says, adding, “it’s very early days, but to do something innovative, we’re willing to put in the effort and the capital.”

Ngọc Lân

"The last chance saloon" nghĩa là gì?

Hmm có nên làm không? Photo by Qijin Xu on Unsplash

"The last chance saloon" -> nghĩa là cơ hội cuối cùng để thành công sau nhiều thất bại.

Ví dụ:
"UK at critical (khủng hoảng) point, scientists to warn public", is the Guardian's front page headline, alongside a picture of Boris Johnson in a mask. Both the Daily Telegraph and the Daily Express report Mr Johnson will then tell Britain later this week that it's in the "last chance saloon" before a new lockdown.

BRITAIN is in the "last chance saloon" in the battle to avoid a second coronavirus lockdown. No10's top COVID-19 team will issue a stark (quả quyết) warning to the public today that infection rates are going in the wrong direction and the country is at a "critical point".

"We'd take a world title (danh hiệu) fight tomorrow. I spar with the best. We believe that we're up there and can mix in that company. "Vazquez will bring it - he's in the last-chance saloon. I will bring it. "He's very dangerous. People think Vazquez will beat us!"

There are 18 days to go, so Trump could still bridge the gap. But with every day that passes, his chances are falling. I think that the presidential debate could be the "last chance saloon" for the president.

Ngọc Lân

"Skirt the rules" nghĩa là gì?

Không được nha anh ơi! Photo courtesy: Jeff Brown

"Skirt the rules" có "skirt" là đi quanh = đi vòng qua các luật lệ -> cụm từ này nghĩa là lách luật.

Ví dụ
After the City of Chicago shut down five restaurants this weekend for breaking its rules for Phase 4 of reopening, a restaurant owner said Tuesday they only skirted the rules because they are hemorrhaging (xuất huyết, ở đây có nghĩa là thiếu tiền) money and need help.

“The Trump Administration should stop tampering with (can thiệp) California’s waters. BLM’s latest attempt to unlawfully raise the Shasta Dam is a poorly-cloaked (che đậy kém) move to evade the Clean Water Act,” said Attorney General Becerra. “As long as Trump officials keep trying to skirt the rules, we’ll keep them honest.”

This would guarantee that all changes and updates to the property have been approved by the Architectural Review Committee before a person buys a home. There would be no surprises for the new owner, and I think it may cut down on people willing to skirt the rules and hoping they do not get caught. This would leave the trolls to handle the gnomes (trùm tài chính) and reduce the complaints.

Ngân Nguyễn

Bài trước: "Keep your pants on" nghĩa là gì?

"In full flow" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by todd kent on Unsplash

"In full flow" -> nghĩa là hoạt động xảy ra trong trạng thái nhiệt tình, tràn trề năng lượng, nghĩa khác là nói/phát biểu rất nhiệt tình, không muốn dừng lại. 

Ví dụ
Remember the Eriksen of old? He was a joy (niềm vui) to watch when he was in full flow for Spurs and it's hardly surprising that he and Kane linked up on such a regular basis. Had the Dane not been alienated by Jose Mourinho and kicked up a fuss about leaving, this duo would have been far higher in terms of the best partnerships. 

Earnings season will be in full flow this week. Britannia, ACC, HDFC Life Insurance and Rallis India will come out with their earnings on Monday, followed by Bombay Dyeing, HUL, Granules India, Hindustan Zinc, IEX and Kajaria Ceramics on Tuesday.

"It was a very emotional (đầy cảm xúc) moment for me (the win). A lot of the players here, including my opponent (đối thủ), have been playing regularly and are in full flow. So, beating him was special and I expect to get better as I play more matches," the 2018 Asian Games bronze medallist added.

Selby said afterwards that he felt his opponent had enjoyed greater fortune along the way, a fact hard to dispute (tranh luận). Indeed it was at 2-2, with Selby in full flow, that the scales tipped in favour of Robertson.

Ngọc Lân

"A mover and a shaker" nghĩa là gì?

Người quyền lực nhất trên một chuyến bay. Photo by Jon Flobrant on Unsplash

"A mover and a shaker" -> nghĩa là người có quyền uy/sức ảnh hưởng trong một lĩnh vực/hoạt động; người có thể giải quyết công việc.

Ví dụ
The 65-year-old, Liverpool born and raised, has been a mover and a shaker in English football for 30 years, having played a key role in the formation (thành lập) of the Premier League in 1992.

"We've known Casey at Produce Depot for a while now," said Annika Charter-Williams of Charter Beef & Livestock. "And we just really like collaborating (hợp tác) with him. He's got great ideas. He's a mover and a shaker and so we're excited to see what we can do moving forward."

Bub Hyder, like his maternal (họ ngoại) grandfather, is a mover and a shaker. In the trucking business since the age of 14, he has amassed vast landholdings in Henderson County.

She was a mover and a shaker, a perfect driver, but fast, an organizer of the PTA and everything else. She loved the Lord with all her heart, mind and soul and made sure Emily and Brian did too. She loved her family dearly. She loved her soldier boy, her children and her dear grandchildren... They were her world. There’s no doubt she asked the Good Lord to take her to her soldier boy...and He answered.

Ngọc Lân

"In small doses" nghĩa là gì?

Lượm lúa. Photo by Julia Kuzenkov from Pexels

"In small doses" nghĩa là một lượng nhỏ hoặc (trải qua/tham gia) trong thời gian ngắn.

Ví dụ
Few of us actually till the land for a living, so there's no way in the world we need upright sheaves of wheat (lượm lúa mì) at every corner. As charming as country home decor can be in small doses, it's all too easy to go overboard.

Kissinger has often said that his negotiating strategy (chiến lược đàm phán) involves making bold steps rather than countless piecemeal concessions (nhượng bộ từng chút). "I always tried to determine the most reasonable outcome and then get there rapidly in one or two moves," he has written, referring specifically to Vietnam. "Shaving the salami (góp gió thành bão) encourages the other side to hold on to see what the next concession is likely to be." But in fact, Kissinger kept subtly (khôn khéo) sweetening the American position in small doses.

In 1956, the Communist leader of the Soviet Union Nikita Khrushchev, delivered this quote at a press conference: “We will take America without firing a shot. We do not have to invade (xâm lược) the U.S.; we will destroy you from within.” And in 1959, he said: “We can’t expect American people to jump from Capitalism (chủ nghĩa Tư bản) to Communism (chủ nghĩa Cộng sản), but we can assist their elected leaders by feeding them small doses of socialism (chủ nghĩa xã hội) until they awaken one day to find they already have communism.”

Thu Phương

"With an eye towards" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Wes Powers

"With an eye towards (doing something)" = mắt hướng về trước -> nghĩa là tập trung vào điều có thể xảy ra trong tương lai.

Ví dụ
Bergeron urged shipowners (chủ tàu) to get engaged, with an eye towards creating sensible regulations and not repeating the sage of ballast (bì, đồ dằn) water treatment regulations. Echoing the sentiments expressed in the day 1 panel, he said: “It’s time for us to come together”, adding that “there has to be some realism in this discussion”, citing a need for shipping industry participants to cooperate closely with fuel suppliers and equipment manufacturers.

The Miami Marlins found themselves in an unusual situation at the trade deadline this year – they were actually in contention for a playoff berth. With an eye towards reaching the postseason in 2020, the Marlins made a blockbuster (bộ phim thành công và nổi tiếng, phim bom tấn) move, acquiring Starling Marte for a package of players that included pitcher Caleb Smith. Given the cost to bring Marte on board, it was thought that he was regarded as more than a rental player.

Volumetric 3D displays are neither easy to produce nor common, as holographic imagery (ảnh ba chiều) generally requires a mix of stereoscopic screen technology and unique optics, sometimes backed by high-speed eye tracking. Today, the display experts at Sony are throwing their hat into the ring with a new option called the ELF-SR1 — also known as the Spatial Reality Display — which is initially being targeted at professional users in content creation businesses, but with an eye towards future use in consumer-facing applications.

Ka Tina

"With a will" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Joonas Sild

"With a will" -> nghĩa là với ý chí quyết tâm, sức mạnh mãnh liệt và lòng nhiệt huyết.

Ví dụ
DO YOU HAVE A WILL? Sure, people are living longer these days, so why not put it off for a few more years? Think again. Improved longevity shouldn't have much of a bearing on when you prepare a will. Experts say almost everyone should have an estate plan, and it all starts with a will.

Your kids are the light of your world, and your legacy to humanity. The last thing we think you want is for the state to take them under their supervision. Supervised care and entrance into the foster care system is rough on a child’s mental development. With a will, you can nominate a caregiver and guardian (người bảo vệ, giám hộ) to your children in the event of your passing.

“The goal, in my opinion, is to eliminate (loại bỏ) the probate process.” says Anthony A. Saccaro, president of Providence Financial & Insurance Services, an RIA in Woodland Hills, Calif. “Even in states where it’s easier, it’s still the better way to go because it gives you more control than you have with a will. And no matter how easy probate is, having a trust and having no probate is easier.”

Ka Tina

"Cock your ear" nghĩa là gì?

"Cock your ear" -> nghĩa là chăm chú/chú ý lắng nghe.

Ví dụ
Cock your ear and you can hear Donald Trump: “Exploiting (khai thác) the necessary restrictions of freedom during an epidemic to reinforce power? Who? Us?”

If you cock your ear to the west, you can right now hear the thundering of keyboards, as columnist after columnist, shock jock (người phát thanh radio nhưng thường nói những điều không được công chúng chấp nhận) after shock jock form up thundering rants about how this whole thing is a matter of freedom of speech, and religious freedom.

Times have changed, and the new philosophy (triết lý) that has revolutionized food, beer and wine — let’s called it gourmet-ization — has swept through whiskey’s formerly staid ranks. Cock your ear at a well-stocked whiskey bar and you’ll hear average Joes (người bình thường) batting around terms such as “angel’s share,” “mash bill” and “cask strength.”

Tucked along the candy-coated cars parked along the Miracle Mile, in an unassuming little shop of hair, reside the ghosts of Abe Lincoln, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley and Ronald Regan. Cock your ear and you almost can hear: “Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent (lục địa) a new nation …”

Ngọc Lân

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