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Thursday, November 5, 2020

"In the boondocks" nghĩa là gì?

"In the boondocks" -> nghĩa là ở nơi xa xôi, hoang vắng, cách xa thành phố. 

Ví dụ
The title word “boondocks” is an American expression that usually refers to the middle of nowhere (vô định). As in, “I have to visit my cousins in the boondocks.” But just how middle of nowhere are the “boondocks?”

Escalante added the “no show” of the representatives only confirmed that the Makabayan bloc members fear the “tons of evidence” associating them as the recruitment wing for the rebel (phản loạn) group. “Imagine the countless armed child warriors who are constantly in danger in the boondocks! We, parents in LPP, are one in denouncing this atrocious (tàn bạo) violation of our children’s rights,” he said.

If you’re in the boondocks and have a local fishmonger (người đánh cá) ask him what knife he likes and take a knife with you when you shop?

It's not an easy life up in the boondocks here. And we need each other, and the more we can co-operate (phối hợp) and not sort of try to damage each other, the better off we're all going to be.

Ngọc Lân

"Great cry and little wool" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

"Great cry and little wool" có wool là cơn giận dữ -> cụm từ này nghĩa là ồn ào, ầm ĩ vì những chuyện nhỏ nhặt, không quan trọng; 'việc bé xé ra to', 'làm lớn chuyện'.

Ví dụ
Accusing (buộc tội) the former CM of fooling (lừa gạt) farmers in the name of waving off their loans, Chouhan claimed that it was merely “great cry and little wool”. 

Systemic corruption cannot be contained by staging (dàn dựng) carnival. This clumsy, superficial  (hời hợt) approach only shows an inadequate (không xứng đáng) comprehension of what is after all, a nation threatening problem. You can beat the war drums, but there is no salvo, a great cry and little wool.

Hence, many had to react in unison (nhất trí) to MDA with: 'great cry and little wool.' The MDA had received 176,000 applicants for 20,000 plots of its much-publicised 'Taiser Town Phase-II' housing project. "My wife and I had waited for hours in long queues (hàng dài) outside a bank branch to submit two applications for different category plots. We have been impatiently waiting for the balloting, but today, when I logged in, I found the concerned web portal irresponsive," said Muhammad Hadi, an applicant.

Quikr, another startup that is a testament (là chứng cứ) to the saying “great cry and little wool” with 15 acquisitions (kiếm được), and Rs 173.49 crore worth consolidated revenue from operations after 10 years of operations, and positive cash balances only because of the sale of investment property and fixed assets.

Ngọc Lân

Đừng tưởng nhầm nhé

rằng phụ nữ già đi ko còn hứng làm tình nữa, ko phải vậy đâu, khoa học đã chứng minh :D
It's a myth (lầm tưởng) that women lose interest (ko còn hứng thú) in sex as they enter midlife (tuổi trung niên) and beyond, according to new research that followed over 3,200 women for approximately (xấp xỉ, gần) 15 years.

"About a quarter of women rate sex as very important, regardless (bất chấp, ko tính tới) of their age (tuổi tác)," said Dr. Holly Thomas, lead author (tác giả chính) of an abstract being presented during the 2020 virtual annual meeting of The North American Menopause (mãn kinh) Society, which opens on Monday, September 28.

"The study showed substantial numbers of women still highly value sex, even as they get older, and it's not abnormal. If women are able to speak up with their partner and make sure that they're having sex that's fulfilling and pleasurable to them, then they're more likely to rate it as highly important as they get older," she said.

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