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Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Biến mất ở 0.001 giây

trong cuốn 'flash boys', tác giả michael lewis nói về giao dịch tần suất cao, các trader (máy tính) ping thị trường với lệnh bán để kéo người mua thật vào, rồi xóa lệnh, mua cổ phiếu đó, đẩy giá cao lên vài cent rồi bán cho người mua thật; trong bối cảnh khác, thì vừa là giao dịch nội gián vừa là giao dịch chạy trước, cả hai đều trái luật...
...He teams up with Ronan Ryan, an awkward young Irish immigrant with a

knack for high-speed telecommunications technology, who joins RBC as head of high-frequency trading strategies, even though he has no idea what he’s supposed to do. Thanks to their combined expertise, the answer to the mystery of the vanishing sell offers soon becomes clear: High-­frequency traders are merely “pinging” the market with bids to tease out genuine buy orders. Then, at blazing speed, they cancel the offers, buy the shares, drive up the price by a few cents and resell them to a real buyer. This seems an amalgam of insider trading (giao dịch nội gián) and front-running (giao dịch chạy trước), both illegal (bất hợp pháp, trái luật) in other contexts but, evidently, perfectly lawful here.

High-frequency traders have plenty of accomplices (tòng phạm), as Katsuyama and Ryan discovered. Foremost among them seem to be the exchanges — the New York Stock Exchange, Nasdaq and BATS, to name some — which are happy to sell their order flow to high-frequency traders and thus have a financial stake in perpetuating their practices. So, too, do the big banks that run so-called dark pools, matching buyer and seller, and that sell their trading information (thông tin giao dịch). Armed with knowledge of large buy and sell orders, high-frequency traders dart in ahead of the trades, capturing a tiny spread between bid and ask prices that may last for a millisecond or two.

Lewis singles out Goldman Sachs as among the most egregious offenders.

Bài trước: Rủi ro thứ 5

"Be a mixed blessing" nghĩa là gì?

"Be a mixed blessing" = may mắn lẫn lộn -> nghĩa là kết quả tích cực lẫn tiêu cực.

Ví dụ
To get the inside track on what lies in store for him at the Hawthorns, spoke to Birmingham Mail 's West Brom reporter Joseph Chapman who believes the move could be a mixed blessing.

It could prove to be a mixed blessing for container lines, though, as while it will ease the logistical problems they have faced, and large scale rollovers of shipments, it is also likely to dampen freight rates (tỉ lệ cước phí) which had reached record levels.

We’re used to awards season being exhaustingly predictable. Last year, for example, the four acting winners were secured months ahead of the ceremony, and discussing possible underdog victories felt wholly pointless, even though the competition was impressive. When we are truly shocked by the results, it can be a mixed blessing.

Ka Tina

"Be a little off" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by engin akyurt

"Be a little off" -> nghĩa là quái lạ, không đúng, không chính xác, dưới tiêu chuẩn; nghĩa khác là (về thể chất, tinh thần) không khỏe, bất ổn.

Ví dụ
"Because having this information is vital to get a sense of the homeless population in our area, we wanted to continue it and go out, even though we know the numbers might be a little off," Herrera said.

What is the Bucs biggest weakness? The offensive line of course. So Jones only needs a single sack? That’s a no brainer if there ever was one. Bank it. So is my reasoning on a few of these out in left field just a little? Could be, but you have to be a little off just to put money on prop bets. Never the less, the numbers don’t it.

With Venus, Saturn, Jupiter, the sun, and retrograde (đi ngược) Mercury all now in collaborative Aquarius, the mood will be cooperative but laced with potential communication glitches. Our timing and technical equipment can be a little off, so keep an eye on logistics. Schedule in extra time.

Ka Tina

"Better to be late than be dead on time" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Toa Heftiba

"Better to be late than be dead on time" = thà muộn còn hơn chết ngay -> nghĩa là thà đi chậm mà an toàn còn hơn liều chết mà phóng nhanh để đến đúng giờ.

Ví dụ
Teenagers are so high at the moment, please slow down. Better to be late than be dead on time.

We have 10 minutes left, go faster! Come on, it's better to be late than be dead on time.

Last year, he passed away because of car accident on the way to his company. "Better to be late than be dead on time".

Ka Tina

"Be in a minority of one" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Benjamin Davies

"Be in a minority of one" = trong tình thế thiểu số một người -> nghĩa là không ai đồng tình với mình, mỗi mình theo quan điểm đó.

Ví dụ
‘Don’t you remember me? Julie. Julie Gregson, Beladon Productions. The audition?’‘That was ages ago. Anyway, you turned me down.’ ‘I didn’t, Sherry. I liked you, but found myself in a minority of one.’

When reflecting on his 20 years in the business, Olusoga said he considers himself a “survivor” rather than a success story, having had to overcome the “loneliness” of “always being in a minority of one, fighting every fight alone, seeing what others don’t see.”

I also decided that the intellectually honest thing to do would be to invite one of the sceptics (người hay hoài nghi) to join us and tell us why the basic assumption of the conference were wrong. So, I invited Will Davies. I told him that he would be in a minority of one, but that we would nevertheless value hearing what he had to say. He replied promptly and succinctly (ngắn gọn, súc tích), declining the invitation. The reason he gave, however, was not that he wasn’t available, merely that he wasn’t “interested”.

Ka Tina

"In a vacuum" nghĩa là gì?

Một mình bung lụa. Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash

"In a vacuum" -> nghĩa là hoàn toàn cô lập, xa rời với thế giới.

Ví dụ
The property that Nelson describes in the brilliant essay does not belong only to the aphorism (cách ngôn). This synecdochical (phép cải dung) property also belongs to the image. Like the maxim, in fact, the image is always situated in a context (taxonomic and / or compositional). It never lives in a vacuum and this intrinsic (bản chất) nature consistently places it in relation to others. 

The other point that’s been raised comes from the iterative (lặp lại) nature of game design. Video games by their nature aren’t made in a vacuum. Like any other creative process, game developers will take systems that were effective, or at least popular, from previous releases, then improve on them for their final product. 

“You just need one hothead (người nóng nảy) to blow a gasket (rất cáu giận),” she said. “I genuinely think it will just take one. So many people are in a vacuum of anti-establishment, anti-politician, those are the ones I am worried will act out. 

That game does not exist in a vacuum though. The effect of that one win on Steamboat’s ranking will change. If Palisade goes on to lose its next five games, the team’s winning percentage (phần trăm) will drop, changing the equation (phép toán) and making the Sailors’ win less impressive.

Ngọc Lân

"Be flat broke" nghĩa là gì?

"Be flat broke" có broke là khánh kiệt, túng quẫn, bần cùng -> cụm từ này nghĩa là không một xu dính túi, nghèo kiết xác.

Ví dụ
Vucekovich also revealed something we completely didn’t expect about dating Armie: she had to pay for everything. Everything. Even gas when they drove. Why? Not because of some master/slave dominance thing — it was because, she claims, he is flat broke.

In the late 1960s, Wyoming’s economy depended on another industry — agriculture — that was rapidly declining. When Hathaway checked the balance in the state’s general fund and found there was only $80, he knew he had to act before the state went flat broke.

Without this program, Medicaid would probably be paying much more to warehouse me in some stinking nursing home somewhere, with no possibility of parole (phóng thích tù nhân theo lời cam kết). I wouldn’t be able to get up, go to bed, or eat what I want, when I want. I couldn’t drink beer. I couldn’t come and go and receive guests as I please. I’d be flat broke. I sure as hell wouldn’t have a condo, a wife, or a dog.

Ka Tina

"Be cocksure of yourself" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Edward Howell

"Be cocksure of oneself" -> nghĩa là quá tự tin, rất kiêu ngạo.

Ví dụ
A couple of hours later, nevertheless don;t be cocksure of yourself my friend you never know whats round the corner especially in the states.

Ford was at his best when the moment was biggest. He won 10 World Series games and at one point had a streak of 33.2 scoreless World Series innings, still a record. For such a little guy, he was cocksure of himself. He pitched confidently.

While part of this has to be attributed to writing, it seems worth suggesting that her natural tendencies to being blunt, telling hard truths, and being cocksure of herself are all characteristics that should be embraced in her coming run.

Ka Tina

"Be brought to account" nghĩa là gì?

"Be brought to account" = yêu cầu giải thích -> nghĩa là phải chịu trách nhiệm hoặc chấp nhận sự trừng phạt đối với hành động của mình.

Ví dụ
“It’s a shining example of the commitment shown by our officers to ensure criminals are brought to account and justice is delivered to victims of crime.

"This is essentially a meeting of NATO countries. NATO has instructed the 'opposition', or rather its agents of influence, on how to continue their undermining work more deviously." The Kremlin said anyone who broke the law would be brought to account. "We're not going to play cat and mouse with anyone, but there's no doubt our law enforcement agencies will hold the guilty parties to account if the law is broken," Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters.

Will there be law and order? Will any of those people face court charges? Given the lack of accountability that Sens. Mitch McConnell, Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley and others have afforded President Donald Trump, I am doubtful that any of those pro-Trump supporters will see the inside of a courtroom, let alone a jail cell. It is a sad day if no rioter (người bạo loạn) is brought to account.

Ka Tina

Anh ấy thật nhiều bạn

mang 3.200 viên viagra (trị giá 100.000 usd) qua sân bay chicago, khi bị bắt giữ nói là... mua tặng bạn :))

việt nam thì khỏi cần, cứ ra tiệm thuốc hỏi loxmen của traphaco nhé... ;)
A man allegedly (bị cáo buộc) attempted (cố gắng) to go through customs (hải quan) at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport Thursday carrying 3,200 erectile dysfunction (rối loạn cương dương) pills he claimed were for his friends.

...Agents seized the pills Thursday upon the passenger’s return from India. When agents asked the man why he had the tablets, he said they were for his friends.

“Officials said prescription medications (thuốc kê đơn) manufactured in non-regulated (không được quản lý) foreign companies often contain dangerous contaminants (chất gây ô nhiễm) or ineffective compounds (hợp chất không có tác dụng),” WGN 9 reported.

No charges were filed regarding the incident, and the passenger later boarded another flight to Savannah, Georgia.

Bài trước: Áp lực quá

Áp lực quá

tom brady phải thắng ở giải super bowl sắp tới để fans/khách hàng được... miễn phí tinh dịch bò (đặt theo tên hậu vệ này) :D
Tom Brady will bear an extra heavy load (chịu thêm áp lực) Sunday in the Super Bowl.

The semen in question comes from a 7-year-old Akaushi — a prized Japanese Wagyu breed — named after (đặt theo tên) the quarterback. The beefier Brady, who has already sired about 75 calves, is sought after for his superior fatty marbling (có thịt và mỡ đều nhau).

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