"A slam-clicker" nghĩa là gì?

"A slam-clicker" có slam là đóng rầm cửa, click là tiếng lách cách khi ấn khóa cửa -> từ này nghĩa là đến một địa điểm xa nhà nhưng chỉ ở lì trong khách sạn, thường là những người đi công tác xa.

Ví dụ
He has become, as he says, a “slam clicker.” Those are the crew members who, after the flying day is done, go to the hotel, close the door behind them, click the lock and come out only when the workday starts again.

I'm what we call a "slam clicker" on layovers (nghỉ ngơi), which means I shut my hotel door, click the lock, and don't see fellow crew members until we show up to fly again. Layovers are my time for myself. I'll read, work out, and hike. I'm a huge foodie and try to explore the local food scene.  

I try my best to take advantage (tận dụng) of that, especially when I'm in a cool place that I’ve never been before, not just kind of what we call being a ‘slam clicker’ where you get there, you close your door, and you don’t come out 'til you check out the next morning.

Expectations can also become internalized (tiếp thu), with employees labelling less party-inclined colleagues as “slam-clickers.” “It means that if you go to your hotel room and you slam your door and you click it locked, you don’t hang out and you’re antisocial,” said Mandalena Lewis. “I’ve been called a slam-clicker.”

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