"Breach of promise" nghĩa là gì?

"Breach of promise" -> nghĩa là vi phạm/không thực hiện lời hứa, nhất là lời hứa kết hôn (hứa hôn).

Ví dụ
The Supreme Court ruled that, while a breach of promise to marry was not actionable, walking out of a wedding two days prior, after all had been prepared, was quite different.

When Uddhav Thackeray broke away from the BJP in 2019 and joined hands with the NCP and the Congress to form the MVA, he did so because of a breach of promise. 

When London’s greatest barrister agrees to defend a beautiful former West End star in a sensational breach of promise case, he's incensed that she apparently doesn't remember that they once fell madly and passionately in love decades ago.

And, when no raise was forthcoming ... despite Selma reminding Harry of his promise ... the secretary finally quit and applied for unemployment insurance, charging Harry with breach of promise.

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