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người có mùi cơ thể giống nhau thì thích (kết bạn với) nhau...
It's often said that people who click right away (tâm đầu ý hợp; ăn ý ngay từ phút đầu (hai người)) share "chemistry."

This expression (thành ngữ, sự diễn đạt (ý nghĩ...)) could be true in the literal sense (nghĩa đen), according to a new study published in the journal Science Advances on Friday, which finds people with similar body odors (mùi cơ thể) are more likely to hit it off as friends.

"Nonhuman terrestrial mammals constantly sniff (hít, ngửi) themselves and each other and, based on this, decide who is friend or foe," wrote a group of researchers led by Inbal Ravreby at Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel.

Since people seek friends who are similar to themselves, the team hypothesized (lập giả thuyết) that humans may smell themselves and others to subconsciously (tiềm thức) estimate body odor similarity and judge (phán đoán, đánh giá) their compatibility (tương thích).

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