"Eloquent silence" nghĩa là gì?

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"Eloquent silence" = khoảng lặng hùng biện -> nghĩa là khoảng ngắt, nghỉ giữa bài phát biểu để truyền đạt thông điệp thêm hiệu quả, sâu sắc hơn. 

Ví dụ
West Bengal BJP co-incharge Amit Malviya said, “Mamata Banerjee’s eloquent silence and inaction (thiếu hoạt động) on Mahua Moitra’s obnoxious (ghê tởm) comment on Maa Kaali is a tacit (ngụ ý) endorsement (tán thành). If not, she should have suspended the TMC MP and allowed WB police to act. By protecting her, she is trampling on the religious sentiments of Hindu Bengalis.”

Mamata Banerjee’s eloquent silence on the arrest and seizure of mountains of cash from her confidant (bạn tâm tình) Partha Chatterjee’s close aide’s residence is deafening. She must be screaming to herself, writhing in her unrestrained arrogance, as her vampirish empire begins to crumble…

"Eloquent silence is not a form of diplomacy (thuật ngoại giao) in the long run, even if it has been seen that way by some in recent years," she told TAZ, in an apparent reference to Chancellor Angela Merkel's outgoing government.

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