Cả giận mất khôn

bị tòa tuyên phải trả 1.150 usd cho bạn gái cũ vì... đái vào túi Louis Vuitton của cô ấy :)

This bizarre story (câu chuyện kỳ quặc) dates back to last October, when the defendant (bị đơn) in this case, a 31-year-old man from Seoul, South Korea, whose identity has not been revealed, for privacy purposes, allegedly got into an argument with his girlfriend at the time. The two were at the girlfriend’s house in Gangnam-gu, and somehow started fighting about the amounts of money the woman was spending (số tiền chi tiêu) and the debts she was racking up (nợ chất chồng). At one point, the man allegedly went into the bedroom, brought out one of his girlfriend’s Louis Vuitton handbags, unbuttoned his pants (cởi khuy quần), and started urinating in it right there in front of her. She didn’t like that very much, so she filed a complaint (đâm đơn kiện) against him with the police (cảnh sát).

the man originally denied the allegation (buộc tội) against him, telling authorities that he had only pretended (giả vờ) to urinate for shock value. Unfortunately for him, investigators didn’t simply take his word for it, instead ordering experts at the National Institute of Forensic Sciences to analyze samples (phân tích mẫu) taken from inside the bag.

The test results (kết quả xét nghiệm) were clear (rõ ràng). Despite the man’s attempts (nỗ lực, cố gắng) to cover his tracks by pouring liquid deodorant (chất khử mùi) into the handbag after relieving himself in it, the sample analysis came back positive for urine, which also matched his DNA. With so much evidence against him, the man didn’t have any choice but to confess (thú nhận) to his shameful act (hành động đáng xấu hổ).


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