"Solar skin" nghĩa là gì?

"Solar skin" = lớp da mặt trời -> nghĩa là các tấm pin mặt trời mỏng bao phủ bên ngoài tòa nhà. 

Ví dụ
Designed by Bates Smart, the 48-level building will feature a “solar skin” facade (bề mặt ngoài), from which it will generate energy for 20 percent of its base electrical requirements.

By creating a solar skin for the facade in place of a traditional rooftop array (cách bố trí), Kennon has freed up space for a roof garden for office users.

The “solar skin” will be supplied (cung cấp) by Avancis, a German firm (công ty) producing glass panels containing solar cells. From the outside, the panels will look like an ordinary facade, but they will generate 50 times as much power as the typical home rooftop solar array, eliminating an estimated 70 metric tons of CO2 emissions each year.

Australia’s first office tower with a “solar skin” is expected to be built next year in a landmark moment for the construction industry and decarbonisation (khử carbon) efforts.

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