"Urban mining" nghĩa là gì?

"Urban mining" = khai mỏ trong đô thị -> nghĩa là tháo rời và tái chế các chi tiết kim loại trong các vật dụng bị bỏ đi như pin hay các thiết bị điện tử.

Ví dụ
Urban Mining denotes the process of using the anthropogenic (nguồn gốc loài người) stock as a source for the exploration, extraction, and refining of various raw (thô) materials, i.e., treating the anthroposphere as a ‘mine’.

The potential (tiềm năng) material recovery from the urban mine depends on the outflow (thoát ra) of materials from these sources into the waste stream, along with tailings and landfills. Although there is an overlapping (trùng khớp) of the concepts of recycling and landfill mining with urban mining, the formers are indeed a part of an urban mine. Quantitatively, urban mining is a sum of end-of-life recycling of various products and some scarce material recovery from landfills and tailings.

It has built an urban mining system centered on Chinese cities, and has successively (liên tục) made breakthroughs in key technologies such as used batteries, E-waste, end-of-life vehicles, lithium-nickel-cobalt-tungsten rare metal waste, power battery recycling, and the ternary (tam phân) "core" manufacturing of power battery materials.

A leading PRC company in the global new energy materials and urban mining industry as well as a globally-advanced and representative enterprise (doanh nghiệp) in the green and low carbon industry.

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