"A firm hand" nghĩa là gì?

"A firm hand" có firm là chắc chắn -> từ này nghĩa là kiểm soát chặt; "bàn tay sắt".

Ví dụ
As part of this policy (chính sách), the BoJ has kept a firm hand on its yield curve control, and the price for this stance has been a freefall (rơi tự do) in the yen, which is done an astounding 30% against the dollar this year

Candidates will now be forced to disclose all expenditures (tiêu dùng), affiliations and endorsements to Briggs, who says he intends to keep a firm hand on this year’s proceedings in hopes of ensuring the Feb. 18 elections remain as clean and transparent as possible.

Of course we want a firm hand from the police and we want the resources to deal with crime within the borough (thành phố).

Melt chocolate in the microwave. Transfer to a piping bag or Ziplock bag with a small hole at a corner, then drizzle chocolate with a firm hand onto each bar.

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