"Cut swaths" nghĩa là gì?

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"Cut swaths" -> nghĩa là gây tổn hại nặng nề cho một khu vực nhất định.

Ví dụ
In Armagnac, viticulturists (dân trồng nho) described "apocalyptic" (tận thế) scenes as hail (mưa đá) cut swaths through over 4000 hectares (nearly 10000 acres) of vineyard last Friday. Olivier Goujon, head of the Armagnac regional trade body, told news agency AFP some hailstones were "bigger than golf balls".

When a character starts to jive with a player, however, and they begin to cut swaths through the enemy ranks, it's incredibly satisfying (thỏa mãn).

According to Bolongo, the company was operating far outside its permitted concession (tô giới), in an area in which only locals could log on a small scale. But bulldozers had already cut swaths of devastation into the forest.

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