"Easy pickings" nghĩa là gì?

"Easy pickings" -> nghĩa là thứ gì dễ lấy, dễ bị lấy cắp.

Ví dụ
None of those teams are easy pickings by any means, but I do understand the perception that it could be a more favourable opponent than Seattle or Tampa Bay for the first round.

Alex Verdugo’s throw home was off the mark and allowed Torres to think about going to second, but he was too far off first base and was easy pickings for Wong, who made a terrible throw to first and watched it sail all the way to the right field wall.

The waters around the early city were estimated to be home to around half of the world’s oyster populations, which were easy pickings for immigrants of all backgrounds.

Verstappen made his way to fourth on the first lap, and that quickly became third when he passed Daniel Ricciardo. George Russell was easy pickings for second.

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