"But alas" nghĩa là gì?

"But alas" -> câu bày tỏ sự buồn bã, thất vọng khi không thể xoay chuyển tình thế, không còn hi vọng nữa; 'tiếc thay', 'đáng thương thay', 'chao ôi'.

Ví dụ
Brazil has flare (tia sáng), style and footballing geniuses, but alas, many of the players acting skills are poor, to say the least, as Rivaldo’s fake injury showed.

Ralphie and Sandy have saved just enough money for Ralphie to take a sabbatical (nghỉ phép) from work and attempt to write the next great American novel. But alas, his efforts fall short and his family falls on hard times, just as the holiday season rears its ugly head.

Is anyone ever really prepared for the holiday shopping season? But alas, Black Friday is upon us. The annual (thường niên) shopping melee doesn’t officially kick off until Friday, November 25, but deals have already started rolling out from a number of retailers.

It also hit an even higher record of $12.47 in November 2021. But alas, it was not to last. Today, the Novonix share price has closed at $2.50 a share.

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