"Hit shops" nghĩa là gì?

"Hit shops" -> nghĩa là có sẵn để bày bán ở cửa hàng; 'ra mắt'.

Ví dụ
Add the £100 Black Friday saving that this code brings to the fact that Currys has already knocked £200 off the launch price (giá khởi điểm) of the Pixel 6, and it means a final price of just £299. That’s £100 less than the RRP of the Pixel 6a, which is a step-down product that only hit shops in July.

Red Pill Blues hit shops on 3 November 2017, after a lengthy trail of two standalone (độc lập) singles that kept the band’s profile up as touring commitments (cam kết) for the previous record, V, came to a close.

Now the former couple’s second-oldest child Pax, who Jolie adopted (nhận nuôi) from Vietnam in 2003, has been seen helping his famous mum with errands (việc lặt vặt) as they hit shops in Los Angeles.

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