"Village idiot" nghĩa là gì?

"Village idiot" = kẻ ngốc của làng -> nghĩa là người nổi tiếng trong cộng đồng, nhóm riêng của họ vì ngu dốt, thiếu hiểu biết.

Ví dụ
I guess in your book that makes him a "village idiot."

"I can confirm (xác nhận), because I have just written the bit, I will be Danny, or Daft Danny, Danny Dumpling," he told the Press (báo chí). "That will be my character this year. I am a kind of village idiot around and about. He is pretty much everywhere about Beauty and the Beast.

A true highlight of the film is Barry Keoghan’s performance (phần trình diễn) as the ultimate village idiot, Dominic, who still suffers his fair share of tragedy. 

He thinks that Kingsbury is the "village idiot" and that the Cardinals hired a loser (thằng thất bại). He wasn't able to win in the Big 12, and he won't win in the NFL. Making a terrible decision like drafting (dự thảo) Murray #1 would be par for the course for the Cardinals & Kingsbury.

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