"Bench warmer" nghĩa là gì?

"Bench warmer" = người làm ấm hàng ghế -> nghĩa là vận động viên ít khi được tham gia trận đấu, vì kĩ năng chưa đủ tốt; 'cầu thủ dự bị'.

Ví dụ
Fast-rising Mohd Haqimi Azim Rosli is well aware of the challenges ahead in the Super League but the young striker (tiền đạo) is not planning to be a bench warmer with Kuala Lumpur this season.

Even with Spence hardly playing this season and Tottenham working around the clock to sign Porro, Conte seemingly has long-term plans for the former Championship star. However, as we know already, there is every chance that the defender ends up as a bench warmer for the remainder of the season.

Dak Prescott has two choices realistically (thực tế). Either step up his game and become a better signal caller next season, or become an expensive bench warmer. Which one will he choose?

His time at Real Madrid, however, has not gone as intended (dự kiến). He is more of a bench warmer today, a far cry from the starring roles played at Stamford Bridge.

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