"Howdy, partner!" nghĩa là gì?

"Howdy, partner!" -> câu chào thân mật, giống cách chào của cao bồi.

Ví dụ
Howdy partner! We hope you’re ready to have the rootinist tootinist adventure on the high Seas because Disney Cruise Line has a brand new offering this year!

Howdy, partner! Welcome to your new home (or second home, or Airbnb investment) in the High Desert. Whether you’re here for a bender (bữa chén say sưa) or a lifetime, you’ll surely find the “Hi Dez,” as it’s called, or “Joshua Tree,” as it’s not called, to be everything you could ever Instagram.

The man had his shirt pulled up to reveal a tattoo (hình xăm) of Woody on his stomach. The cartoon cowboy toy was tipping his hat and revealing the bottom of his shoe, which in the movies says “ANDY,” but appeared to be another name on the tattoo. Hanks tweeted the selfie and captioned the photo: “Well, howdy partner! Where’s Buzz?”

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