"Sous vibe" nghĩa là gì?

"Sous vibe" -> nghĩa là kỹ thuật nấu chín đồ ăn trong túi hút chân không, với nhiệt độ thấp hơn nhiệt độ thông thường để nấu ăn, khoảng 50 - 60 độ C.

Ví dụ
Sous-vide cooking has a reputation (danh tiếng) for being elaborate (phức tạp) and time-consuming (tốn thời gian), and while it does require a little extra equipment (dụng cụ) and longer cook times, it’s actually pretty chill (thư thái), and a helpful tool for the unorganized and forgetful.

Sous-vide circulators (truyền nhiệt) can’t cool water, but they can keep cool water moving, and tell you the exact temperature of the water, which is helpful from a food-safety perspective.

Put down the wet dish towels; you don’t need them anymore. Room-temp beverages (đồ uống) can be chilled (làm lạnh) in just 10 minutes using your immersion (ngâm) circulator. As I’ve mentioned previously, sous-vide machines can’t cool, but they can circulate water, and it’s the motion of the ocean that works so well here:

But our testing showed that sous vide apps are disappointing more often than not, so this model’s simplicity may in fact be a plus.

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