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Sunday, February 11, 2018

"Never strike your wife, even with a flower" nghĩa là gì?

'Never strike your wife, even with a flower'
~ ngạn ngữ Ấn Độ

= không bao giờ đánh vợ, dù bằng một cành hoa

Photo courtesy Jakob Montrasio.

Trẻ em hôm nay

thấy phim sex khi đang ăn trưa ở canteen trường học...

The picture is too graphic to show but it is pornography.

Raines' 10th grade daughter said the pornography was shown on the monitor in the cafeteria during lunch.

She said it was on for about a minute before the principal ran out of the cafeteria and then it disappeared.

Raines wants to know who is responsible for allowing the porn on the monitor...

Bài trước: Lãng mạn ở sân bay

Cách mở nắp chai lọ bị vặn quá chặt

tại rạp chiếu phim, mở chai bia bằng lọ hạt tiêu -> hơn 200 người rời rạp trong nước mắt :)
It's legal to drink beer in German movie theaters — but it's probably not a good idea to try to open your beer bottle with a pepper spray canister.

...Instead of opening his beer, the 29-year-old man broke his pepper spray container and some 200 people had to quickly leave the theater in tears.

The cinema's manager told the German news agency dpa on Wednesday that it was "chaos." Still, he kept his head, calling police, offering beverages to moviegoers and opening the windows. He says the movie was restarted after 30 minutes...

Cố ý gây tai nạn

để mọi người thấy vượt đèn đỏ ở ngã tư nguy hiểm như nào...
Authorities say a man angered over people driving dangerously through a busy intersection appeared to intentionally cause a crash there to highlight the problem.

...he was frustrated law enforcement wouldn't crack down on people running through a stop sign at the intersection.

The driver of the SUV that was hit says Homer pulled out in front of him as he was going through the intersection. The driver says Homer approached him after the crash, telling him he'd run the stop sign and law enforcement "won't do anything until someone dies."

Homer is charged with aggravated battery and reckless driving.

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