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Tuesday, November 20, 2018

"A worm's eye view" nghĩa là gì?

Wood. Urban Style. Photo courtesy Alexander Mueller.

'A worm's eye view' nghĩa là việc hiểu vấn đề/tình huống một cách hạn chế do thiếu cái nhìn/cách suy nghĩ rộng/khoáng đạt.

Ví dụ
It is no accident that Babur and Humayun, who offer a worm's eye view of the Mughal Empire, are the namesakes of its first two emperors.

Every autumn I lie on my belly in piles of decaying (thối rữa, phân rã) leaves and observe the world around me. Call me strange, but to my mind there’s nothing better than adopting a worm’s-eye view and breathing in the heady (nặng, dễ bốc lên đầu, dễ làm say (rượu...)) scent (mùi thơm, hương thơm) of a forest regenerating itself.

Before, my only focus was to work and I did movies which I didn’t feel secure about. My focus has changed now because the quality of life is important to me. I have decided to give time to myself, my family; in fact I even found the time to write a book. That phase taught me to enjoy my life and see everything around me from a bird’s eye view rather than a worm’s eye view.

Phạm Hạnh

Phi công siêu đẳng

vẽ hình cái CU TO khi đang bay huấn luyện :D

Maj. Josef Patterson, a spokesman with the unit, told Marine Corps Times: ’The T-34C crew that is being investigated (bị điều tra) for flying a pattern (khuôn mẫu, hình mẫu) resembling (giống) an obscene image (hình ảnh thô tục) are currently not flying pending the results of an ongoing investigation.

photo credit:

...To be fair, it was a pretty good drawing, considering they did it in an aircraft (máy bay) flying at hundreds of miles an hour.

One Twitter user noted: ‘On the bright side, this shows how greatly proficient (tài giỏi, thành thạo) these pilots are. They’ve been trained well. ‘We can be proud that our fighter pilots are probably the best in the world, and drawing a penis with this amount of skill, and precision proves it!’

Other social media users were also impressed, with one commenting: ‘It was surgical. Attention to detail (chú ý tới tiểu tiết) is critical in naval aviation.’

"Mì khỏa thân" và nước cờ tinh quái

cảnh sát florida xem lại camera theo dõi và phát hiện tên trộm nhà hàng khỏa thân uống bia ăn mì, enjoy life :D

...The video shows a man riding his bike up to the restaurant at 358 22nd Ave S, pedaling around the parking lot for 10 minutes, then slipping in through the back gate. After wandering around for a bit, he opens the door to a shed for storing odds and ends, and removes them one by one.

Then the man gains access to a restaurant bathroom. And exits without his clothes. He proceeds to sit naked at one of the restaurant's picnic tables and digs into a meal he brought with him — Maruchan Instant Lunch ramen. The video also shows him playing the bongos (cái trống nhỏ được gõ bằng tay), also naked.

“He came in with pants on but he rode off on the bike without pants,” Chattaway server Chad Pearson said. “I’m not sure if he took his pants with him but we didn't find them. We still don't know where his pants are.” :))

Lùm xùm về thuế ở Tây Ban Nha

phải lên tận tòa án tối cao để phân xử người mua nhà hay ngân hàng nộp thuế thế chấp bất động sản,

trong khi bài học vỡ lòng econ 101 là ai nộp thuế thì cũng ko thay đổi người thực sự chịu thuế (không bị quyết định bởi luật quốc hội mà là luật cung cầu :)
Spain is currently embroiled (lôi kéo (ai) vào một cuộc xung đột, làm rối tung lên, làm rắc rối (vấn đề)) in tremendous (ghê gớm, khủng khiếp, dữ dội) debate (cuộc tranh luận) over who should pay the AJD tax, a tax on the creation of a mortgage (thế chấp mua nhà). Should the buyers (consumers) or the sellers of the mortgage (the banks) pay the tax? The Supreme Court, the President, and the legislature have all stepped in.

...What's amazing is that the Spanish uproar is over a decision that Econ 101 says does not make a whit's worth of difference to anything of importance. Whether the buyers send the check to the government or the sellers does not change the true incidence of the tax. As Tyler and I say in Modern Principles, "Who pays the tax does not depend on the laws of Congress but on the laws of supply and demand." The tax simply drives a wedge (cái nêm (để bổ gỗ, bửa đá, mở rộng một lỗ hổng hoặc giữ cho hai vật tách ra) between what the buyers pay and what the seller receives. Since sellers typically post prices, when the sellers must send the check the posted price will include the tax but the price the sellers receive will be the posted price minus the tax. If buyers must send the check to the government the posted price will not include the tax but the buyers will have to pay the posted price plus the tax. Either way, the seller, buyer, and government all end up net the same amount. It's little different than debating whether the right or left hand must pay the tax. See Tyler in the video below for the diagram and further details.

Thus, the whole Spanish imbroglio (tình trạng hỗn độn (về chính trị...), sự hiểu lầm rắc rối, tình trạng rắc rối phức tạp (trong một vở kịch), đống lộn xộn) has been caused by a failure to understand Econ 101.

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