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Friday, September 18, 2020

"Stop dead in your tracks" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by: John Matychuk on Unsplash

"Stop dead in your tracks" = dừng chết trên đường đi -> nghĩa là bất ngờ/bất thình lình dừng lại hoặc ngừng làm việc. 

Ví dụ
You make your way to work, but time and time again, everything you see has somehow turned green. As you pull up to your office, you pass by a reflection (hình phản chiếu) in the mirror, and you stop dead in your tracks — you’re wearing green sunglasses!

“It is truly a work of literature (văn học),” said Obermeyer. “She [Lefteri] created a complex (phức tạp) structure, and there are phrases in this book that just absolutely make you want to stop dead in your tracks and cry they’re so beautiful.”

So, accept that failure (thất bại) is waiting for you. Are you going to stop dead in your tracks because you’re afraid to face it? Then you’re not going to grow. Success and failure are a package deal– take both, or take none.

Ngọc Lân

"Do a Melba" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by: Jackson Simmer on Unsplash

"Do a Melba" -> nghĩa là thông báo nghỉ việc, làm lần cuối nhưng thực chất vẫn tiếp tục.

Ví dụ
Of course, many Australian animals have been declared (tuyên bố) extinct, only to be rediscovered a later date. Perhaps some of these words and expressions will do a Melba one day.

While her husband continued to conduct (quản lý) all over the world, Sutherland shared her experience with the young, through competitions and masterclasses, giving prizes and honours as well as accepting them, but essentially she enjoyed her garden and needlepoint and the luxury (ssang trọng) of being in the audience. She was grateful for her career and was never tempted to do a Melba.

'I DON'T want to do a Melba," Joan Sutherland said 16 years ago, on the eve (ngay trước) of her retirement. "I really want to call it a day. Chop!"

Ngọc Lân

"The City that Never Sleeps" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Michał Ludwiczak from Pexels

"The City that Never Sleeps" = thành phố không ngủ -> nghĩa là biệt danh của thành phố New York, Mỹ. Cụm từ cũng dần sử dụng để mô tả những thành phố sôi động, hoạt động gần như cả ngày lẫn đêm.

Ví dụ
“I am going to visit the Statue of Liberty soon in New York the city that never sleeps.” This line is a dream come true for a large number of people across the globe. Those who have visited know the excitement and craziness that goes on in mind. 

By late March, New York City had become the epicentre (tâm chấn) of the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States. When a massive lockdown went into effect, the “city that never sleeps” began a three-month hibernation (ngủ đông).

Beirut, the city that never sleeps. Tourists have always enjoyed Beirut’s lavish (xa hoa) lifestyle between clubbing, dining, or even taking a stroll down the Corniche, the city always buzzing with citizens and tourists. No matter the budget, Beirut will live up to its reputation.

Things are looking up in New York City, once the epicentre of the coronavirus pandemic in the United States. The number of deaths linked to COVID-19 is in single digits, and the infection rate (tỷ lệ lây nhiễm) is down substantially. But life in the city that never sleeps is not what it was.

Thu Phương

"All over the map" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Aaditya Arora from Pexels

"All over the map" = trên khắp bản đồ -> nghĩa là đến từ nhiều nơi, ở khắp mọi nơi; đa dạng; suy nghĩ thiếu tập trung, lan man.

Ví dụ
"I think we've reached the point where most consumers now are understanding because obviously it's not just the furniture (đồ nội thất) business," Adams said. "It's not just the appliance (thiết bị) business. It's all over the map right now."

A weekly program that will combine genres of music from anywhere and everywhere with no boundaries (ranh giới). No telling what we're likely to hear or where we'll end up, but we'll do our best to surprise and entertain you on a trip that takes us all over the map.

The ball’s been in each New Hampshire school district’s court for 26 days, with no set deadline for a final decision. So it should come as no surprise that Seacoast schools are all over the map in regards to fall sports, just over two weeks before the NHIAA’s official start date.

Benz: Well probably not. Because when you look at the data on how the market has performed in various regimes, what you see is that the data are all over the map in terms of whether the market tends to perform well under Republican presidents or Democratic presidents. So I wouldn't rely on that as a gauge (tiêu chuẩn).

Thu Phương

"On easy street" nghĩa là gì?

Không cần nhiều tiền, đủ để tiêu thoải mái là được. :D Photo by The Lazy Artist Gallery from Pexels

"On easy street" = trên con đường thuận lợi -> nghĩa là độc lập và thoải mái về mặt tài chính.

Ví dụ
When I get back to the office I'm going to bring @TheSamKhater a 5000 page printout of stackoverflow and then just put my feet up on the desk, living on easy street.

“If you’re looking for “easy street,” you won’t find it here. If you’re looking for a laurel (vinh hiển) to rest on – you won’t find it here. Because Sidney is a spirit you won’t find anywhere else,” Raible explained of the brand story.

Oh well geez, you're right that IS a lot of money. 35 bucks a week!? I had no idea these guys were on easy street here. And as we all know, civilian firefighters (cứu hỏa dân sự) don't get any health benefits at all so these prisoners truly have it great. You've convinced me!

Dude don't just party at the $PENN. Party at the whole block. I invested in $PENN, $DKNG, $CZR, $WIMY, $MGM, $CHDN, $PDYPY and now just about on easy street.. All of these Companies will be winners % wise in the end and you have a diverse gaming portfolio..

Thu Phương

"From jump street" nghĩa là gì?

Tám chuyện một lúc là cái gì cũng biết ấy mà. Photo by cassiejane

"From jump street" (tiếng lóng) nghĩa là ngay khi bắt đầu, từ khi mới chớm.

Ví dụ
A: “What's your definition of a gentleman?”
B: “Well, someone who opens the door for me, gives me compliments, and who doesn't pressure me about sex from jump street.”

You was goofy (ngu ngốc) as shit from jump street and you talking about some you gonna send someone to slap the dog shit out of me. You mothafuckas are so confident behind that damn screen.

He had the guy—he silently nicknamed him Pectorals—figured out from jump street. Pectorals was trying to be the don of FCIAshland. Delvin wasn't afraid of the guy, and no one else seemed to be either.

“Here’s what he has that I noticed right from jump street that Baker Mayfield had and Kyler Murray had,” Pollack said. "He has the ability to move in the pocket, not have his feet set, and throw dimes. Not everyone can do that."

Thu Phương

"Streets ahead of anyone in some field" nghĩa là gì?

Cầu thủ Messi. Photo by Paul Rowbotham

"Be streets ahead of (anyone in some field)" nghĩa là vượt bất cứ ai trong một lĩnh vực nào.

Ví dụ
Liverpool are winning it sadly, they are streets ahead of Guardiola's old fashioned La Liga tactics (chiến thuật) and the rest aren't even in the conversation.

Clearly he knew all that I knew about unconventional warfare and a lot more; he was streets ahead of anyone else I had spoken to, including the Lochailort boys. Suddenly I no longer felt tired.

Which just makes it seem more baffling (cản trở) why we haven’t done it already to me anyway? He’s streets ahead of anyone we have in our squad CM wise. And go as far to say he streets ahead of anyone in that position in the PL. 

Neymar is massively over rated. Spends too much time on the floor and for a player with undoubted ability he needs to turn up for big games (see UCL disaster class). Messi and Ronaldo have been streets ahead of anyone for years. Suarez closest as a goal scorer.

Thu Phương

"Live in the street" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Seven 7 from Pexels

"Live in the street" nghĩa là sống bờ ngủ bụi, suốt ngày lang thang ngoài phố.

Ví dụ
What I meant is I tried to lift my friend out of a bad home life where his only only choice to get out would be to literally live on the street and that ended up blowing up in my face.

Family let the dude live on the street and so how is the family NOT responsible??? Dude needed to be mental hygiene arrested and taken for treatment (điều trị) and long term behavioral treatment! 

Lewis is not a hypocrite (kẻ đạo đức giả). Yes, he is an F1 driver but he is doing everything in his power to care for the environment. Also, he became a vegan to eliminate animal consumption/exploitation as much as possible. He's not just going to give up on his career and live on the street.

So I'll ask it again. When are the dirty cops & attorneys (luật sư) at the DOJ, FBI, CIA, & team Mueller viciously prosecuted (bị truy tố) & bankrupted (phá sản)? They must be ruined as what was done to Gen Flynn. All must lose their homes, pensions (tiền trợ cấp), etc. Let them live on the street of San Francisco in tents.

Thu Phương

Công chức mẫn cán

đang họp, đứng dậy và... làm tình với thư ký (camera vẫn bật) :D

Jesus Estil was caught in the act during the meeting with Fatima Dos village council (hội đồng  nhân dân xã) in the city of Cavity, Philippines, on August 26.

While others were talking, the council captain got up and walked towards a woman sat on a sofa a few steps from the computer.

The pair began performing sexual acts while the camera was turned on.

She was later identified as his secretary, who also does accounting for the local government’s office.

One of Estil’s colleagues recorded the explicit scene.

After the video was made public, some residents of the village filed a petition (đơn xin, đề nghị) to oust (đuổi, trục xuất) the captain for misconduct (hành vi không đúng đắn (nhất là về nghề nghiệp hoặc tình dục); hành vi sai trái)

Ủng hộ bộ trưởng

bộ trưởng nội địa pháp ủng hộ quyền (của chị em được) tắm nắng ngực trần,

nước pháp chứ có phải ả rập saudi đâu :)
France’s interior minister has defended the “precious” right to sunbathe topless (ngực trần tắm nắng) on beaches (bãi biển), after police asked a group of women to cover up on the southern coast.

French gendarmes patrolling a beach in Mediterranean seaside town Sainte-Marie-la-Mer last week asked a group of topless sunbathers to cover up in response to a complaint from a family (một gia đình phàn nàn), the local gendarmerie said in a statement on Facebook.

It acknowledged their actions had been “clumsy” but said the officers only wanted to calm the situation, insisting there had been no official order to ban topless sunbathing in the town.

But their actions prompted an avalanche (trận lở tuyết) of criticism (chỉ trích) on social media (mạng xã hội), where users wondered if the practice was now out of bounds (không được phép).

“Is Sainte-Marie-la-Mer now Saudi Arabia?” wondered one user, while others slammed a creeping (dần dần, từ từ) “prudishness” (sự cả thẹn, sự làm bộ đoan trang kiểu cách) in France.

Tập trung một việc thôi

đừng đa nhiệm,

nữ ủy viên hđqt trường học quên tắt camera và... tắm khi đang họp...
A Pittsburgh Public Schools' board member (ủy viên hđqt) forgot to turn off her camera before getting in the shower during a live virtual meeting (cuộc họp ảo/qua mạng) Wednesday.

Veronica Edwards was seen undressing (cởi quần áo, cởi đồ) and getting into the shower during the district’s live-streamed public agenda meeting.

Edwards is a Pittsburgh Public Schools graduate and worked 37 years at the district before retiring.

In a written statement, Edwards said she regretted the incident, but remains "committed (cam kết, tận tâm), resolved (quyết tâm) and focused on her responsibilities to educate all children (giáo dục các trẻ nhỏ)."

"Take it to the street" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Life Matters from Pexels

"Take (something) to the street(s)" = mang ra đường -> nghĩa là phơi bày, chia sẻ thông tin, vấn đề, sự kiện... cho mọi người biết.

Ví dụ
The demonstrators (người biểu tình) took to the street for the first time since the lockdown to rage against fuel taxes and demand economic reform.

Do you think if Black Lives Matter movement didn't take it to the street we were going to see these structural changes we are seeing right now in the police force?

Unifor, which represents 315,000 workers nationally, will take to the street to “demand the company negotiate a fair contract … and support fair wages for all retail workers.”

Kamala bailed (bảo lãnh) rioters (kẻ bạo loạn) out. She said there will be protests in the street after the election. AOC was urging her following to take it to the street. Trump condemns (lên án) Antifa and does not support BLM rioting.

Thu Phương

"Walk the streets" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Alexander Daoud from Pexels

"Walk the streets" nghĩa là đi dạo phố.

Ví dụ
Young male and female monks (thầy tu) in reddish brown robes walk the streets, conversing and laughing.

I loved walking the streets of Florence, Italy. It is my favorite city on earth. Almost half of the great art of the world is there. 

'Liv,' Ethan said, 'I'm not going to let you walk the streets of London at night by yourself—especially when the Lighthouse is on my way home.' 

Recently, I met with Delano’s mayor, Liz Morris, and several other key community stakeholders to walk the streets of Delano. We were there to talk to neighbors of our recently funded Delano Navigation Center at 531 High St. We were there because we wanted to make sure the neighbors understood and would be supportive of a solution we’ve worked together on to help solve Delano’s homeless problem.

Thu Phương

"The streets are paved with gold" nghĩa là gì?

Cuộc sống vốn không như ta tưởng tượng mà. Photo by Pierre Touret

"The streets are paved with gold" = đường phố được lát vàng -> nghĩa là ngụ ý nơi làm ăn dễ dàng, dễ giàu có.

Ví dụ
Dan O’Mahoney, the new clandestine (bí mật) Channel threat commander, said that facilitators (nhà điều hành) “claim the streets are paved with gold in the UK”. He added: “We are launching a behaviour change campaign, which will be enabled as time goes on with a strategic communications (truyền thông chiến lược) effort.”

Once upon a time, immigrants came to America – and more specifically New York – believing that the streets were paved with gold. Then, the U.S. represented the opportunity for a new, better life. Those days are over and the streets of America, especially in New York and other cities and rural communities, are increasingly paved with homeless lost souls.

Dave Carlin seeks a return to the School Committee after losing a bid for re-election in 2018. He attended Newport’s public schools from kindergarten to high school. He supports the bond issue (phát hành trái phiếu), and fears the loss of state financial assistance should it not pass. During the forum, he focused on increasing state funding of the city’s schools. “Newport is not a city where the streets are paved with gold,” he said.

Thu Phương

"Just up your street" nghĩa là gì?

Đúng sở trường đây rồi. :D Photo by Suzy Hazelwood from Pexels

"Be just/right up (one's) street" nghĩa là điều phù hợp, lý tưởng, đúng sở thích, khả năng của một người.

Ví dụ
If you aced English at school and frequently got full marks in the spelling bee, this quiz is right up your street. 

If you need to transport humans as well as inanimate (vô tri vô giác) objects, then, the MK5 (£3,599.99) could be right up your street/trail.

Got some good news that a director friend of mine wants to me to play The Time Traveller in his upcoming sci-fi (khoa học viễn tưởng) film project. Can wait. Feels right up my street.

One evening, while perusing the local newspaper, I noticed a job advertised at K Shoes which seemed just up my street, for the company wanted an executive to work in its busy advertising department at its factory in Kendal. 

Thu Phương

"Hit the streets" nghĩa là gì?

Đông đảo tình nguyện viên. Photo by Jim Trail

"Hit the street(s)" nghĩa là xuống phố, đi ra ngoài để tìm kiếm điều gì hoặc có mục đích cụ thể. Nghĩa khác là (sản phẩm) có sẵn tại các điểm bán lẻ.

Ví dụ
We are so excited our new JoeMamas has hit the streets! And they look amazing! $5 of every $25 shirt goes to the Biden campaign! 

Yesterday, we had over 20 NEW volunteers participate in our volunteer training and they are ready to hit the streets. Our team keeps growing everyday!

Boston City Councilor Michelle Wu hit the streets of Nubian Square in Roxbury Tuesday evening after officially announcing that she is running (tranh cử) for mayor (thị trưởng).

Dear April, 
"I will no longer prescribe (kê đơn) you pain medication because I don't have a spine (xương sống). I hope you don't hit the streets desperate to find pain relief. But if you do, it's not my fault."

Thu Phương

"The old lady of threadneedle street" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by cjs6969

"The old lady of threadneedle street" = bà già phố Threadneedle -> nghĩa là tên gọi khác/biệt danh của Ngân hàng Anh nằm trên phố Threadneedle, London.

Ví dụ
Carney, who was governor of the Bank of Canada before the Old Lady of Threadneedle Street, has long spoken of climate change as the next great challenge. 

Last month the Old Lady of Threadneedle Street forecast that the economic shock of the coronavirus outbreak would be less severe (ít nghiêm trọng) than first expected, but last for longer. 

Both have explicitly (dứt khoát) rejected claims that the BoE is engaged in “monetary financing” of the budget deficit (thâm hụt ngân sách), either now or in the long term. But their messages have not been entirely consistent, and it is tempting to suggest that the Old Lady of Threadneedle Street “doth protest too much”.

The Bank of England delivers its monetary policy statement at midday – will it surprise by going ‘big and fast’ with more QE – as governor Andrew Bailey suggested is the best approach for central banks in times of crisis last month? There is also speculation (suy đoán) that the Old Lady of Threadneedle St will turn to negative interest rates (lãi suất âm) to stimulate the economy. 

Thu Phương

"Singleness of purpose" nghĩa là gì?

Thực sự tập trung vào một thứ và làm nó hết sức. Photo by Christin Hume on Unsplash

"Singleness of purpose" nghĩa là sự tập trung vào một mục đích duy nhất; sự chuyên tâm.

Ví dụ
This period has taught us so many valuable lessons: the fragility (mong manh) of life, the true meaning of being our brothers and sisters keepers and the real benefits of working together with a singleness of mind and purpose and all the gains we can attain as a result, but it also teaches us to appreciate the work of many that society really cannot do without.

"I'll look at it one way," Bowen said when asked about balancing the job and that elephant. "Task at hand and singleness of purpose. Every day I've got tasks to accomplish... at some point we're going to be back with our players. I plan on at some point, from a football standpoint (lập trường), that we're going to play games this season, that we're going to open up and play."

From the time Dan Rooney assumed day-to-day control of the Pittsburgh Steelers and hired Chuck Noll in 1969, stability (ổn định) has been a hallmark of this franchise (nhượng quyền). Three head coaches in the 51 seasons from 1969-2019. A belief that the best way to build a championship contending (tranh đấu) team is through the draft. Physical over finesse (khéo léo). There are other guidelines, some that border on commandments, and they are based on the singleness of purpose that began with the relationship between Dan Rooney and Chuck Noll.

Concentration camps (trại tập trung) were not only mills of death (cối xay thịt). They were also testing grounds (bãi thử nghiệm/thí nghiệm). Here men persisted, and in a sense fought  for survival,  with the stake always nothing  less than one's  life, with the  slightest slip a fatal error. Such  was the filth (bẩn thỉu dơ dáy), the compulsion (cưỡng bức),  the debasement (mất phẩm giá), that a person had to be  possessed  of extraordinary   powers, both  psychic and  of will, to even want to survive. The  intellectuals,  the idealists, the  men  of high  morals  had  no  chance.... Having  once made  up one's  mind  to survive, it was a necessity to follow through with a singleness  of purpose,  inconceivable  to you sheltered  people  in the  States. Such  singleness  of purpose broached  no stopping  in front  of accepted  sets of values, it had  to disregard  ordinary  standards  of morality. One  could only survive through  lies, tricks and  by somehow acquiring food to fill one's belly. The weak, the old had no chance. And so liberation  came.

Thu Phương

"Singleness of mind" nghĩa là gì?

Cầu nguyện những điều tuyệt vời nhất đến với người đọc bài viết này. Photo by Rodolfo Clix from Pexels

"Singleness of mind" nghĩa là sự toàn tâm toàn ý.

Ví dụ
The fight for singleness of mind and purity is not for the weak, it is for those who rely on Christ's strength to work on their behalf (thay mặt họ).

I pray there is no room for confusion in your mind. I pray singleness of mind, clarity of vision, and acuteness (sắc bén) of focus in all that you do. 

This letter was written for all Christians. If there is going to be singleness of mind and purpose, then it begins with Jesus changing us from the inside out. Without His love in us we will not be able to love others.

Things that divide vs create cohesiveness (gắn kết) or singleness of mind! Before we can discern (phân biệt) good from evil or spirit from flesh we have to teach people how to die to the old man who desires that which perishes (cái chết). 

Thu Phương

"Brook no delay" nghĩa là gì?

Thời gian là vàng bạc đó nha. Photo by Ari Alqadri from Pexels

"Brook no delay" có "brook" là cho phép (dùng với ý phủ định) -> cụm từ này nghĩa là không cho phép chậm chễ.

Ví dụ
He doesn’t brook any delay, there’s no excuses. The job gets done no matter what. He’s brilliant at corralling (kết hợp) you all together and setting you on the same path. I don’t understand how he does it. He’s at least two steps ahead of me. 

I attended General Flynn's hearing today before Judge Sullivan. Came away with impression Judge Sullivan would brook no more significant delays by Mueller team of General Flynn's sentencing (tuyên án), Donald Trump should pardon General Flynn....

Due to Covid-19 lockdown, the case could not be taken up for hearing (phiên tòa) earlier and, the AHRC ruled, “payment of ex gratia (khoản bồi thường) to the families if the victim could brook no delay as some of them were said to be the sole bread earners in their families”.

Then Ressa must appeal (kháng cáo) instantly and not try to milk the situation for all it is currently worth until it's dry as a bone then appeals. On appeal she should brook no delay on the part of the appellate court (tòa phúc thẩm) at the instance of a prosecution (truy tố) presumably so prepared it won its case.

Thu Phương

"Testing ground" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Kony Xyzx from Pexels

"Testing ground" = bãi thí nghiệm -> nghĩa là bãi thử vũ khí hoặc nơi thử nghiệm sản phẩm.

Ví dụ
I seem to recall PWS being a good testing ground for the migration to Diego from DEAs, and even recently I think on Slack it was posted that PWS had moved to ContainerD. So even if it's not bit-for-bit identical (giống nhau), I'd've hoped it was still useful.

València has prepared for it during 2019 and offers itself to the EU, with humility (khiêm tốn) and a lot of work behind it, to become a testing ground for innovation (đổi mới), thus anticipating what we are sure other cities will soon do. Our commitment (cam kết) to these cities is to share our learnings and join a collective journey with them as well.

I feel it necessary to write to you, because I think a completely erroneous (sai trái) picture exists in the States of the former inmates of the concentration camps (trại tập trung).... Concentration camps were not only mills of death. They were also testing grounds. Here men persisted, and in a sense fought for survival, with the stake (tiền cược) always nothing less than one's life, with the slightest slip a fatal error (sai lầm chết người). Such was the filth (bẩn thỉu), the compulsion (ép buộc), the debasement (mất phẩm giá), that a person had to be possessed of extraordinary powers, both psychic and of will, to even want to survive. The intellectuals, the idealists, the men of high morals had no chance....

Thu Phương

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