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Sunday, September 27, 2020

"Long hair, don't care" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by: averie woodard on Unsplash

"Long hair, don't care" = tóc dài, mặc kệ -> câu nói ủng hộ phong cách hippie, phản đối lại các thế hệ đi trước có cái nhìn không tốt đẹp/định kiến tới tóc dài (nhất là với nam giới) vì nó bô nhếch/luộm thuộm và đồng tính. Câu này cho thấy người nghe không những không bị ảnh hưởng bởi lời xúc phạm mà còn đón nhận nó.

Ví dụ
The trend: long hair, don’t care. Where we’ve seen it: Thakoon, Ulla Johnson, Jason Wu, Nicole Miller, Kim Shui, Veronica Beard, Rebecca Taylor. What you need to know: locks (mớ tóc) were left long and barely touched this season, speaking to the carefree attitude that best sums up New York Fashion Week SS21. This was particularly felt at Thakoon, where hair was thick, natural and minimally (tối giản) styled. Perhaps it was inspired by all that time spent away from the salon during lockdown?

Whether you're regretting (hối hận) a short haircut or are in need of some fullness and shine, hair growth vitamins are an easy and natural way to achieve length and healthy strands. But with so many supplements on the market (and Instagram), how do you know which to use? Luckily, we've rounded up the gummies and pills (thuốc) that will help achieve your 'long hair, don't care' goals. Ahead, the 12 best hair growth vitamins for thick and healthy hair.

But the top offenders when it comes to keeping you from your 'long hair, don't care' dreams? Bleaching (tẩy) your hair, and — you guessed it — heat. Collins says simply that the damage caused by bleaching leads to those split ends and breakage.

Long hair, don’t care! Kourtney Kardashian has shared an adorable (đáng yêu) photo of her youngest son Reign, and his new hairstyle has got the seal of approval from her fans.

Ngọc Lân

"You're a long time dead" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by: zhang kaiyv on Unsplash

"You're/we're a long time dead" = sớm muộn rồi cũng chết thôi -> nghĩa là cuộc đời ngắn lắm, hãy tận hưởng, sống hết mình.

Ví dụ
"My warm memories of Tom devolve (trao cho) to all the St. Patrick's parties he gave, where he and his grandkids would dance, the beer flowed, and the Mudlarks played jigs and reels," Sonn said. "It was all in the tradition of, as his sainted ancestors would say: 'Life is short and you're a long time dead.'"

My resolution (cam kết) is I don't need to do anything so I'm just not going to do them. I think "you're a long time dead" and I live that I am more positive now. I have really missed being around gangs of people.

"You’re a long time dead” so if work is causing you stress and unhappiness, it’s time to start dusting off (chuẩn bị lôi ra dùng sau thời gian dài) the CV.

Shane said: “Following in the black patent shoes of Olivier, Gambon, Lindsay and Branagh, it’s an incredible honour to be asked to play one of literatures greatest fictional characters, Archie Rice. “In the words of the great man himself. you’re a long time dead, let’s just whoop it up (ăn mừng theo cách của riêng mình)!”

Ngọc Lân

"Have a long memory" nghĩa là gì?

 Photo by Josh Hild on Unsplash

"Have a long memory" -> nghĩa là có trí nhớ tốt.

Ví dụ
His return to the lineup is also welcome news for the Bucs coach, after watching the Bucs drop a number of passes in yesterday’s win over the Panthers. Arians said he counted at least seven drops, including three touchdowns, and probably 125 yards worth. He also warned that quarterback (hậu vệ) Tom Brady will have a long memory.

The Cardinals have a long memory, and they give the most chances to the guys who have done the most for them.

For those that have operated online or fantasy sports illegal (phi pháp) in the past, some regulators have a long memory and it may take some time before they will even be able to be licensed or operate.

McAvaney couldn’t help (không tránh được) but take a pot-shot at Taylor’s famously round figure. “Well, you would be a challenge, then wouldn’t you,” he said with a laugh. McAvaney explained his cheap shot by simply saying: “Well, I’ve got a long memory”. Taylor had just best hope Hodge doesn’t also have a long memory.

Ngọc Lân

"The long arm of coincidence" nghĩa là gì?

Lại thua rồi. Photo by Lars Bo Nielsen on Unsplash

"The long arm of coincidence" = cánh tay dài của trùng hợp -> nghĩa là sức mạnh/tầm ảnh hưởng to lớn của sự trùng hợp. 

Ví dụ
He’s been in Pointe à la Hache, Louisiana, interviewing Isaac (the reliably superb Rob Morgan), a crab fisherman whose modest (giản dị) home contains a photograph — the photograph — he took of his lost love, Christina (the brilliant and heart-stopping Chanté Adams), a photographer who left him to pursue a career in the Big Apple. As the long arm of coincidence would have it, the recently deceased Christina is being honored by an art show in New York curated by none other than Mae, who has secrets of her own.

During this year's Festival, the long arm of coincidence stretched (duỗi ra) further than the aesthetics of dismemberment (chia cắt) commended by both Dali and Magritte. The artists' works were on a temporary exhibition in the National Gallery, as if Judit specifically ordered it for the eyes of her guests. 

People found themselves drawing a comparison between the 1992 World Cup and the current World Cup, as the green team was ready to take on the undefeatable (bất bại) New Zealand. In the 1992 Cup, Pakistan faced the formidable (ghê gớm) opponent New Zealand with an all but similar situation, with the Kiwis on a winning streak. The Kiwis lost to Pakistan and the match was played on Wednesday. Call it the long arm of coincidence or term it the repeating of history, Pakistan secured the victory in 2019 by 6 wickets after 27 years, thereby repeating history.

The long arm of coincidence. It’s just another one of those amazing coincidences and a harbinger (báo hiệu) of things to come in the United States. It was the news that Democracy’s greatest champion in Europe, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, a Trump wannabe (muốn trở thành ai đó), was presiding (chủ tọa) over a parliament last June that was drafting anti-immigrant legislation.

Ngọc Lân

Giải thưởng Sách Hay (GoodBooks Awards), năm 2020

shared from fb vũ trọng đại,

Tác giả: David S. Landes

Dịch giả: Sơn Phạm, Vũ Hoàng Linh 

Giải thưởng Sách Hay 2020, hạng mục Kinh tế, thể loại sách dịch

Omega+ vinh dự nhận được giải thưởng này vào đúng dịp sinh nhật 4 năm.

Xin trân trọng cảm ơn Hội đồng giải thưởng và độc giả đã ghi nhận giá trị mà ấn phẩm này đóng góp cho nền học thuật Việt Nam nói riêng và hiểu biết của xã hội Việt Nam nói chung.

link đặt mua sách:


vườn thú ở Warsaw cho voi hút cần sa để giảm stress :D

Medical cannabis has been used worldwide to treat dogs and horses but "this is probably the first initiative (sáng kiến) of its kind for elephants," Agnieszka Czujkowska, the veterinarian (bác sĩ thú y) in charge of the project, told AFP.

The zoo's three African elephants will be given liquid doses of a high concentration of the relaxing cannabinoid CBD through their trunks (vòi). 

The veterinarian said the CBD neither causes euphoria (phê, phởn phơ) nor harmful (có hại) side effects (tác dụng phụ) on the liver (gan) and kidneys (thận).

"Why the long face?" nghĩa là gì?

"Why the long face?" -> nghĩa là 'sao dài cái mặt ra thế?', 'sao buồn thế?'.

Ví dụ
People joke about asking horses, “Why the long face?” We should redirect (chuyển sang) this question to hammerhead sharks. Their famous head extensions, called cephalofoils, can measure 3 feet from eye to eye. And scientists are still trying to nail down (quyết định, tìm ra) exactly what purposes they serve.

So, a horse walks into a bar. Bartender says, "Why the long face, friend?" Horse says, "2020." AM I RIGHT?! I'm here all week, folks. But in all seriousness, 2020 has been stressful. There's no sugarcoating (tô vẽ) it, and we're not really in the business of coating anything with sugar over here anyway. We're in the business of serving up healthy and delicious meals. 

Why the long face? We have everything you need to make sure your Kentucky Derby at-home party stays on track. NBC has released the Kentucky Derby at Home Party Pack.

Why the long face? What’s with the dejected (buồn chán) look, the down feeling the lack of motivation to go out there and perform. To face your work tasks and challenges positively. This scenario plays out before us in a number of sectors, and at all levels of the organisation. In both private and public sectors.

Ngọc Lân

Ơ, hay

mỗi tháng 8, cộng đồng Torja - tin rằng mối liên hệ giữa người sống và người chết là vô hạn - đào mộ người thân, nói chuyện với họ, thậm chí châm thuốc cho họ...
Families gathered to raise their dead loved ones from their tombs (mộ) and clean and re-dress the corpses (thi hài) in a ritual (nghi lễ, trình tự hành lễ) honouring (tôn vinh) the spirits (linh hồn) of their mummified (ướp xác) ancestors (tổ tiên) in Indonesia.

The Toraja Death Rituals are considered the biggest celebration of life by people who believe the link between life and death is infinite.

Kiến có tai không nhỉ?

covid-19, lễ hội âm nhạc vẫn diễn ra vì... trình diễn cho kiến :)
This concert (buổi hòa nhạc) is fit for a queen  . . . ant.

The show will go on for 11 obscure (không có tiếng tăm, vô danh, ít người biết đến) music festivals (lễ hội âm nhạc) this summer despite the dangers of COVID-19. Just how? The only attendees will be teeny tiny ants.

Aptly dubbed Antyfest, the musical performances (trình diễn) — played by musicians from their own homes — are streamed via iPad to their “audience” of insects. The screens are then placed inside miniature (vật thu nhỏ) replicas (bản sao) of the real-life (đời thực) venues (nơi gặp mặt, nơi gặp gỡ) where the festivals would have happened throughout the world.

The buggy scene will be streamed on YouTube so viewers can tune in and watch the roughly 8,000 ants “dance” for free.

"Sweep the board" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by: sporlab on Unsplash

"Sweep the board" = quét sạch bảng -> nghĩa là thắng/vơ hết các giải trong cuộc thi, thắng suốt sổ. 

Ví dụ
Fans saw the likes of Schitt’s Creek sweep the board as it won seven awards in the comedy (hài kịch) categories, while Mark Ruffalo took home the prize for Lead Actor in a Limited Series or Movie and Zendaya picking up Lead Actress for her role in Euphoria.

CORONATION Street was the big winner at last night's TV Choice Awards - sweeping the board. The long-running ITV soap triumphed (chiến thắng) in three categories, with Jack P Shepherd winning best soap actor, Shelley King winning best soap actress and the show itself scooping best soap.

Corbynsceptics backed by Progress and Labour First groups have swept the board in the Labour Party’s ruling national executive committee by-elections. Johanna Baxter and Gurinder Singh Josan have been chosen to replace (thay thế) Corbynites Navendu Mishra and Claudia Webbe as local party representatives (đại diện) on the NEC.

South Korea sweep the board at ISU World Cup Short Track. It was an incredible (ấn tượng) day for South Korean speed skaters at the International Skating Union World Cup Short Track in Nagoya, Japan. On the first day of finals, they enjoyed a clean sweep (quét) of all five gold medals.

Ngọc Lân

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