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Thursday, December 10, 2020

"From the word go" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Adam Winger on Unsplash

"From the word go" -> nghĩa là từ lúc khởi đầu, bắt đầu. 

Ví dụ
We didn’t want things to happen like this in the first place. If officials say let’s sit around the table, things can work out differently. That’s what we wanted from the word go. I am still prepared to sit around a table with both our legal teams and sort (giải quyết) this problem out.

“The team played well, they were in command from the word go to the last whistle, they were in charge of the game.” On what pleased him the most from the one-sided contest, Mutebi said: “My team is now scoring goals, they are seeing the back of the net (lưới), I cannot change my team now.

So, they went for kill from the word go by pressing and suffocating (nghẹt thở), causing mistakes and forcing turnovers at crucial (quan trọng) times. Mind you, under the intense pressure – the kind of pressure the Tipp lads have not witnessed in a number of campaigns – the boys in blue and gold turned the knife on themselves with frightening frequency (tần suất). A total of 3-6 was coughed up in turnovers – that total would win a hell of a lot of games alone.

Gaurav made it to the Lok Sabha from Koliabor constituency (cử tri) in 2014 in the face of the sweeping Modi wave and won the race for the second time in 2019. Having actively participated in Lok Sabha debates from the word go, the Koliabor MP has displayed before the House the kind of matured political mettle (khí phách) that he is made of.

Ngọc Lân

"A war of words" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by 
Diva Plavalaguna from Pexels

"A war of words" -> nghĩa là cuộc khẩu chiến; đấu khẩu.

Ví dụ
As Ethiopia’s federal government declared (tuyên bố) victory after an almost month-long conflict in the northern region of Tigray, another battle is raging (nổi lên): a war of words.

As a war of words escalates in the international community over an illustration (minh họa) based on Australian atrocities (tàn bạo) in Afghanistan, an Afghan citizen called on more countries to follow China in condemning US-led war crimes in Afghanistan and care more about Afghanistan’s situation.

According to the latest promo shared by the makers, the contestants will fight against each other in order to save themselves from being nominated (lựa chọn). Needless to say, things will get ugly tonight after Jasmin and Eijaz engage in a war of words.

Maharashtra Minister Bacchu Kadu in a war of words after Shiv Sena MP Sanjay Raut took a swipe at Danve over his claim, told ANI, “Last time he made such a statement, we had gheraoed his house. Now, the situation is such that we'll have to enter his house & beat him up (tẩn anh ta): Maharashtra Minister Bacchu Kadu on Union Minister Raosaheb Danve's statement 'China, Pak behind farmer's protest.”

Ngọc Lân

"A kind word for everybody" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Tom Parsons on Unsplash

"A kind word for everybody" = lời nói tốt đẹp tới mọi người -> nghĩa là lời chào hỏi, quan tâm thân thiện, tử tế tới tất cả mọi người. 

Ví dụ
John was definitely a Christian (tín đồ Công Giáo) and lived his life from a Christian perspective. Everyone was equal and everyone got a fair shot in his eyes. Always had a smile, always upbeat with a kind word for everybody. Certainly one of the pillars of our community and he served our county well.

Washington was the Rangers' manager for eight years, and everybody liked him because, well, he was “Wash.” He was friendly and open, always with a smile, a joke and a kind word for everybody. He could tell great stories when prompted (được nhắc).

In a statement the club said: "Steve was an extremely popular member of Holcombe Harriers. He always had a smile on his face and had a kind word for everybody. "He was a man who enjoyed the comradery (tình bạn) of his club mates and shared his generous personality and sense of humour."

"She was probably one of the most caring people that I've ever met,” Kendall King said not long after the crash. “She always had a kind word for everybody. She was hilarious in an unexpected way. She always caught you off guard with her humor."

Ngọc Lân

"Hand on a plate" nghĩa là gì?

"Hand someone on a plate" = đưa ai đồ trên đĩa -> nghĩa là chỉ cần "ăn sẵn", không nỗ lực làm.

Ví dụ
The team's defense has been atrocious (tệ hại) today, handing a win to their opponents on a plate.

If I can get the government to subsidize (trợ cấp) my project, I'll have my yearly earnings handed to me on a plate.

Even the presidency (chức vụ Tổng Thống) was handed to him on a plate. He had had everything, the whole world handed to him on a plate.

"Since I love each other until now, only I cook and she eat but she just had hand on a plate" - a few lines in the article made many people argumentative.

Thùy Dương

"A word to the wise is sufficient" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Ava Sol on Unsplash

"A word to the wise is sufficient" -> nghĩa là người khôn nói một từ là đủ; nói ít hiểu nhiều.

Ví dụ
So expect to see more of our fellow hunters out there. A word to the wise is sufficient. Please show good sportsmanship, especially in these contentious (bất đồng), stressful and anything but peaceful times with a lot of new hunters out there. So be extra-safety conscious with this tsunami of novice (học việc) hunters in mind.       

A word to the wise is sufficient. There used to be a song when I was growing up called ‘Tek Warning’, because the Party that we have now is not about helicopter flights over constituencies (cử tri). It’s not about the air brigade, it is about the infantry (bộ binh) in and out and sometimes if you’ve got to be a guerilla (du kích), you will be a guerilla in and out and through the nooks and crannies of every part of the constituencies. And it is only then that we get the feedback necessary.

I could simply repeat myself for the sequel, and let it go at that—a word to the wise is sufficient—but it’s more fun to dive (lặn sâu) into the deep end of Powers’s seething Los Angeles infernal hot tub and relay the sensations.

He added: “A word to the wise is sufficient.” Johnson reiterated (lặp lại) his ministry’s mandate to maintain border control in the wake of Hurricane Dorian. He said the efforts of immigration officers protect the country’s integrity, but also provide support to migrants who may be in exploitative situations.

Ngọc Lân

"Bound hand and foot" nghĩa là gì?

 Photo by Manuel Sardo on Unsplash

"Bound (one) hand and foot" = trói tay trói chân -> nghĩa là khiến ai cảm thấy bị mắc kẹt trong tình huống khó khăn.

Ví dụ 
Some were bound hand and foot, others were decapitated (bị chặt đầu) or otherwise dismembered (bị tách rời), making the process of determining exactly how many people were found difficult for investigators. 

But complaints about “red tape” are nothing new. Dickens complained about Britannia being “bound hand and foot with red tape” in 1850 – yet today's small government advocates hold up 19th century Britain as the exemplar minimal state. 

Margaret was threatened with death unless she renounced (bỏ đức tin) her Christian (đạo Cơ Đốc) faith. When she refused, her captors (kẻ bắt giữ) tried to burn her, but the flames did not burn her. She was then bound hand and foot and thrown into boiling water, but at her prayer, her bonds were broken and she stood uninjured. Finally the prefect ordered that she be beheaded. 

Thùy Dương

"Any other business" nghĩa là gì?

"Any other business" = còn vấn đề nào khác -> nghĩa là các chủ đề cần thảo luận trong cuộc họp sau khi các chủ đề chính đã kết thúc; nghĩa khác (đơn giản) là các hoạt động kinh doanh khác.

Ví dụ
1. The board of directors' oral (bằng lời) account of the merger (liên kết) between Vestjysk Bank and Den Jyske Sparekasse A/S, CVR no. 39 17 84 43, ("Den Jyske Sparekasse") with Vestjysk Bank as the surviving bank, and a presentation of the written merger statement of 26 November 2020
2. Proposed resolution (quyết định) to implement (thực thi) the merger between Vestjysk Bank and Den Jyske Sparekasse in accordance with the merger plan and merger statement of 26 November 2020, including election of members to the board of directors
3. Proposed resolution to grant authorisation to the chairman of the meeting
4. Any other business

Modularbank’s cloud-agnostic core banking platform, built with an API-first approach, allows banks, financial services companies and any other business such as retailers, utility companies or telemedicine providers, to seamlessly integrate its modular banking technology into their existing infrastructure. 

Indicative programme
Chair: Mr Andreas Scheuer, Federal Minister for Transport and Digital Infrastructure of Germany
10.00 Beginning of the video conference of transport ministers 
Eurovignette (public session)
Any other business (public session)
- new mobility (lưu động) approach
- current rail transport proposals
- investment in the extension of the European rail network
- 4th High Level Meeting on Connected and Automated Driving

If the City is truly interested in ensuring compliance (ưng thuận) by Kennedy Club Fitness or any other business for violating (vi phạm) coronavirus restrictions, they have ample effective methods to do so administratively without asking my office to punish the business as a criminal.

Ngọc Lân

"At the hand of" nghĩa là gì?

Photo by Dan Burton on Unsplash

"At the hand of someone" = dưới bàn tay của -> nghĩa là do hành động (của ai).

Ví dụ 
The Sun Devils are 3-1 on the season, with their only loss coming at the hand of the Villanova Wildcats. San Diego State on the other hand remain undefeated through their first 4 games.

Mouchette - Robert Bresson's unforgettable, tragic 1967 drama comes to Blu-ray. Mouchette, a teenage girl, suffers at the hand of her alcoholic father and the indifference of the world around her.

Longview finished with the two-seed (hạt giống) in 7-5A DI, with a overall record of 7-2. Their only district loss came at the hand of Highland Park . The UIL rues state that the better seeded team gets home-field advantage in the first round of the playoffs (vòng loại trực tiếp).

Thùy Dương

"Ask for hand" nghĩa là gì?

 Photo by Gift Habeshaw on Unsplash

"Ask for/win hand" = ngỏ lời được cầm tay -> nghĩa là cầu hôn.

Ví dụ
He's finally asked for Suellen's hand.

Locky Gilbert reveals Irena Srbinovska is his 'soulmate' and he asked for Irena's hand. They will get married in the future.

Speaking with the Daily Mail, she told the newspaper: "He very much asked for my hand". I said: "I love you dearly, but no. I don't want to be a wife." I didn’t. I wanted to be this fiercely independent woman. I wanted children, and I wanted them to have his name, but I didn't want to be married.

Thùy Dương

"Turn the corner" nghĩa là gì?

"Turn the corner" = qua khúc ngoặt -> nghĩa là bắt đầu tiến triển, thành công sau quãng thời gian chật vật vì khó khăn.

Ví dụ
Sean Dyche recognises Burnley need more wins under their belt but he believes they are starting to turn a corner after battling to a 1-1 Premier League draw against Everton in an entertaining encounter (chạm trán) at Turf Moor.

It's going to be a tough pill to swallow as we turn the corner. You're going to see, even with the subsidy (tiền trợ cấp) that's come out, you're going to see a lot of businesses that were barely hanging on. They're going to be closing.

With the first vaccine doses being administered, hope has been kindled that the world will turn the corner in a few months. However, despite the efforts of the WHO and a pledge (vật tin) by China to make its Covid-19 vaccine a ‘global public good’ so as to make it more affordable, it is still too early to gauge when poorer countries will get access to vaccination.

Since 2016, when the Nittany Lions started to turn the corner, it just seems that every season since, Penn State has a loss on the docket (tem, phiếu) that it shouldn’t have, and in the end it has cost them a chance at the College Football Playoff (CFP). 

Ngọc Lân

"Have a hand like a foot" nghĩa là gì?

Nhớ cái thời phải đi rèn chữ bị khẽ nát tay mà sợ :((((. Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash

"Have a hand like a foot" = có tay như chân -> nghĩa là chữ viết xấu hoặc bài (bạc) xấu.

Ví dụ
Left-handed people, have a hand like a foot, like reading from a young age ... are the manifestations (biểu hiện) of an intelligent person.

Without understanding since, the concept of "Having a hand like a foot like a doctor" is considered as an obvious (hiển nhiên) fact, although certainly not all doctors write difficult words.

The Vietnamese police have just arrested the subject for having a hand like a foot and debt, so they dare (cả gan) to impersonate (mạo danh) the leader of the General Department of Intelligence (lãnh đạo Tổng cục tình báo), the People's Army of Vietnam to commit (thực hiện) fraud (lừa đảo) and appropriation (chiếm đoạt) of property.

Thùy Dương

"In the hollow of your hand" nghĩa là gì?

 Photo by Zacke Feller on Unsplash

"In the hollow of your hand" = trong lòng bàn tay -> nghĩa là thuộc hoàn toàn sự kiểm soát (của ai); thường được dùng trong lời chúc "Cầu Chúa giữ bạn trong hõm tay của Ngài".

Ví dụ 
At this point in history, these four men held the entirety (toàn bộ) of Europe in the hollow of their hands.

"Is love the only thing?" she asked in low, sweet tones that seemed to bring a calm even to my wrung (quặn thắt) heart. “If love were the only thing I could follow you — in rags, if need to the world’s end; for you hold my heart in the hollow of your hand! But is love the only thing? I made her no answer. It gives me shame (xấu hổ) now to think that would not help hers.

"Icicles (mụn nước) forming from your eyes
Snowed in, you've trapped yourself inside
Frost (sương) forms in the hollow of your hand
Buried (chôn vùi) with your hate (nỗi hận) as you despair (tuyệt vọng)" - Lyrics of "In the hollow of your hand" song.

Thùy Dương

Việc làm thời Covid–19: Cơ hội từ thích ứng

sao phim khiêu dâm (chuyên nghiệp) tranh cử làm chính trị gia (chuyên nghiệp)... :D

Adult film actor Juan Melecio submitted his paperwork Monday to run for (tranh cử) a commission seat (chiếc ghế ủy ban) in Wilton Manors. He also goes by several other names, including Juan Davila (his mother’s last name). His stage name is Antonio Biaggi.

Melecio, who turns 42 on Wednesday, said he has lived in the city for a year and this is his first bid for office. He said he has appeared (xuất hiện) in scores of (một vài) porn flicks (phim khiêu dâm), although his attention (tập trung, chú ý) is more focused on producing films these days through his company, Biaggi Productions.

Melecio’s candidacy has drawn scrutiny (giám sát chặt chẽ) as protests (cuộc biểu tình) take place (diễn ra) across the country (trên toàn quốc) against racism (chống phân biệt chủng tộc) through the Black Lives Matter movement (phong trào). 

"By a show of hands" nghĩa là gì?

 Photo by Edwin Andrade on Unsplash

"By a show of hands" -> nghĩa là giơ tay biểu quyết.

Ví dụ
Thomas A Tardif: "Selection of delegation positions should be by show of hands."

In a show of hands, legislators (nhà lập pháp) voted in favor of a one-year mandate (nhiệm vụ) allowing the government to send troops (quân đội) to Azerbaijan, where they would observe possible violations of the truce (đình chiến) from a joint Turkish-Russian monitoring center (trung tâm giám sát).

ISLAMABAD: "With just four months left for Senate polls (cuộc thăm dò ở Thượng Viện), Prime Minister Imran Khan on Tuesday vowed to hold elections for the upper house of parliament (Thượng Viện) through ‘show of hands’, and not by secret ballot (bỏ phiếu), to ensure transparency (minh bạch) and eliminate (loại bỏ) ‘vote trading’."

Thùy Dương

Cấp bách 'cứu' hàng không vượt Covid-19

hãng hàng không lớn nhất đài loan EVA Airways hợp tác với công ty du lịch Mobius triển khai chương trình "bay! tình yêu trên không" (vào các ngày noel, tất niên, năm mới), cho các bạn trẻ độc thân, 3 tiếng bay vòng vòng trên bầu trời đài loan, và 2 tiếng hẹn hò dưới mặt đất... ;)
EVA Airways, one of the largest carriers in Taiwan, is partnering with (hợp tác) travel experience company (công ty du lịch) Mobius on a campaign (chương trình, chiến dịch) called “Fly! Love is in the Air.” These are flights for singles on Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve and New Year Day.

“Because of Covid-19, EVA Air has been organizing “faux travel” experiences to fulfill people’s desire for travel. When single men and women travel, apart from enjoying the fun in travel, they may wish to meet someone — like a scene in a romantic movie (bộ phim lãng mạn),” Chiang Tsung-Wei, the spokesperson for You and Me, the speed dating (hẹn hò tốc độ) arm of Mobius, tells CNN Travel.

Each of the dating experiences includes a three-hour flight that departs from Taipei’s Taoyuan International Airport and circles the airspace above Taiwan, plus another two hours of a romantic date back on land.

Participants (người tham gia) are encouraged to (được khuyến khích) have in-depth conversations (trò chuyện sâu/thân mật) with each other on board (trên máy bay) while sampling meals prepared by Michelin-starred chef Motoke Nakamura. They are also encouraged to keep masks (khẩu trang) on when they’re not eating or drinking.

Phong tỏa là rất nguy hiểm

gây ra nhiều cái chết/tử vong do ung thư, bệnh tim mạch, tự sát, mất việc, phá sản, suy sụp tinh thần... trong số những người trẻ, những người ít rủi ro nhất từ covid-19...

mấy ông làm chính sách, là ăn lương nhà nước (nên ko bị ảnh hưởng thu nhập), và nghĩ ra các biện pháp theo tư duy (áp đặt) "từ trên xuống" thôi...

Covid is not a very dangerous disease (bệnh nguy hiểm) for most people. The death rate (tỷ lệ tử vong) is probably around 0.2 per cent of those infected, and most who die are elderly and suffering from other medical conditions. The mortality (tử vong) of those in hospital with Covid (nhập viện vì covid) has almost halved (giảm một nửa) for the over 80s since the start of the epidemic (bệnh dịch) as treatment has improved (biện pháp điều trị được cải thiện).

Lockdowns (phong tỏa) are lethal (nguy hiểm chết người). They cause more deaths from cancer (ung thư), heart disease (bệnh tim mạch) and suicide (tự tử) as well as job losses (mất việc), bankruptcies (phá sản), social disintegration (tan rã xã hội) and mental illness (suy sụp tinh thần) especially among the young, who are at least risk from the virus. In April sunshine, many people and firms could cope for a short period – once. Today, in November rain, the pain will be far worse. I will be all right, living in a rural area and able to work online (làm việc qua mạng), but what of those who started restaurants or live alone in small flats?

There is overwhelming support in the scientific community for national lockdown, say scientists, but the scientific community and the civil service are on secure public-sector salaries and think in top-down ways.

Bài trước: Do góc nhìn thôi

Do góc nhìn thôi

chỉ vì vài chục/trăm người chết vì covid-19 mà cần biện pháp mạnh (phong tỏa), thế hơn 6.000 người chết vì tai nạn giao thông thì có cấm (tiệt) xe máy ko?...
Ms. Grayson:

You disagree with my criticism of USA Today for its failure to report that, as a percentage of total Covid-19 deaths in America, that of people younger than 40 (at 1.5%) is tiny. “The fact of the matter,” you write, “is that more than 3500 kids and young adults died of this disease. That’s more than 3500 shortened lives (mạng sống ngắn ngủi) and grieving families (gia đình đau khổ). It was right for government (chính quyền) to respond with (phản ứng, đối phó) tough emergency measures (biện pháp khẩn cấp cứng rắn).”

Of course all premature deaths (chết sớm) are especially sad and to be regretted. And these deaths are downright tragic (đau buồn, thảm khốc) when the victims (nạn nhân) are children. But such deaths are sad and tragic regardless of their cause. By failing to put the number of young people killed by Covid in perspective, however, USA Today not only conveyed the false impression (ấn tượng sai lầm) that Covid is unusually dangerous (nguy hiểm) to young people, it also implicitly (ngấm ngầm) discounted the sadness and tragedy of the deaths of young people who die of causes other than Covid.

Consider that each year in the U.S. the number of children and adolescents who are killed in automobile accidents is, at around 4,000, nearly 8 times higher than is the number (515) of Americans ages 24 and younger killed by Covid. To paraphrase you, that’s more than 4,000 shortened lives and grieving families. Yet are you moved by this number to demand that government reduce the maximum speed limit on all roads to 10 MPH, or that it prohibit young people from riding in automobiles? Such “tough emergency measures” would, after all – and with greater certainty than Covid restrictions will actually reduce net deaths – dramatically reduce the number of young people killed in automobile accidents.

If we live with the risk that automobiles pose to young people – if this risk does not cause us to utterly upend our familiar ways of living – certainly, and contrary to your claim, the harsh restrictions imposed in the name of fighting Covid find no justification in the much smaller number of young people killed by this disease.

Donald J. Boudreaux
Professor of Economics

Bài trước: Sao phải thế?

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